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It’s been a very long time since I wrote a blog post. My blog got deleted and we were working to restore it. If you don’t know about what happened to my blog, head over to this post and read before coming here. We woke up earlier than usual today. I had Yippee noodles (manchurian flavor) for breakfast. And then had a glass of hot Bournvita. We then made lunch – rice and cauliflower curry. And finally, am here, writing this topic which was pending for long. Currently, what’s there on my face – Bon Organics Blueberry Grapefruit Aloe Vera Gel, what’s there on my lips – Daughter Earth Antioxidant Lip Balm, what’s there on my hair – Thuyaa Sandalwood Jasmine Hair Toner. Let’s now proceed with the blog post.

When I went to Chennai for a weekend, me and Mom decided to go to Pothys in TNagar for shopping and timepass. Somehow I was in an immense shopping mood. I was excited to buy pre-owned dresses and shoes from CSD to wear to work. This was Feb 22rd, before all this Coronavirus started. So let’s see my shopping haul post and what and all we purchased there.

Pothys is there in couple of locations in Chennai. We went to Pothys Hypermarket which is nearby (outside) Ranganathan street. Its next to the Saravana Stores on main road. We mostly go to this Pothys only. We feel that Pothys has lot more collection and new fashion trends when it comes to dresses. They have lots of varieties in dresses of almost every type – cotton, synthetic, double tops, designer wear, printed material, embroidery work material, bandhani design, batik print, handloom type, thick cotton, thin soft cotton, chiffon shawl, cotton shawl, party wear, mirror work material and so many more types. And price is also affordable. You get good dresses at less price and they have offers for many items like 1+1 offer, 50% off. And Pothys is less crowded too when compared to Saravana Stores, Saravana Selvarathnam. There is also Chennai Silks where I used to purchase dresses when I was in college, but its been long time now since we went to Chennai Silks.

My Churidhar Dress Materials purchased from Pothys:

So I got 4 churidhar dress materials. 3 are cotton and 1 is synthetic material. Let’s go through them one by one:

Lavender and White Churidhar:

Lavender is a color that I had in my mind for a long time. My friend used to say I would look beautiful in a lavender colored churidhar. Tulips are lavender colored and so are you my friend! Finally I found a lavender colored churidhar. The color combination of lavender and white is lovely, right? And I fell for the shawl! Lavender top, white pant and lavender and white printed shawl would look so good. And it will be very decent and perfect for office. The neck pattern is favorited too! This was priced at Rs.465 I think. The brand is Tim Tim which looks like Pothys own brand. There are also similar ones available at nihal fashions.

Red and Cream Churidhar:

The first thing that lured me to this churidhar was that it gave a royal look. The shawl definitely gives a rich royal look to the dress. And the color combination of red and cream goes well. We can add the red border on the top bottom or on the slits while stitching. Also add red border in the sleeves. This would look good for wearing anywhere, whether to office or casual outing or relatives/friends house, etc. This was on 50% off. Costed around Rs.490. The brand is Kavyanjali.

Pink Checked and Floral Suit:

I fell in love with this churidhar at first sight. No second thoughts! I just picked it up first time after seeing and kept it. No thinking twice or confusion ever about this. This is pink checked top and pink white floral bottom and shawl. I liked checked suits for office wear similar to the office uniforms . I have one more checked churidhar with me which is like a biscuit/creme color with blue combination. Checked prints give a business class style and formal style for office. A pink checked suit is simply stunning to add to your wardrobe collection. Me building my wardrobe with different styles slowly. And the pink flowers shawl and pant are too lovely. If we stitch it with collar neck and 3/4th sleeves as shown, it will give a very elegant and sophisticated look for office. This is from the brand Ganpati. I have previously tried this brand and its good for cotton materials. The quality of the material is good in this brand.
Price: Rs.650

Double Tops Biscuit Color Formal Suit:

Have you ever seen a dress that you first saw and wanted it so badly at no cost? This was like that. First look and I was floored! I wanted it badly like anything. This is international business class suit. It is biscuit colored churidhar, synthetic material. It comes with two tops. Double tops is new fashion nowadays. There are two different top materials, one pant material and one shawl. Both the tops are international class suit style. The first one is striped, horizontal strips. The criss-cross neck pattern accentuates your neck and looks stunning. The 3/4th sleeves look chic. And the biscuit color blended with shades of blue is superb! The second top is floral printed. This has a lace tie neck pattern which looks so pretty. If you stitch with piping on your sleeves and slits, it will look excellent. And churidhar pant/leggings type stitching will look lovely for this. This is synthetic material but very high quality. It feels so so soft to touch. The shawl is striped shawl with biscuit and shades of blue blend. Its from the brand Mahavir Butterfly collection.
Price: Rs.780

So these are the 4 churidhars I purchased. Now let’s see other items.

Hand Kerchiefs:

I carry hand kerchiefs to office. I got 3 new hand kerchiefs in Pothys. My kerchiefs had got old/stolen . I took one big blue one and two smaller pink one and lavender kerchiefs. How’s it?
Price: Rs.25, 15, 15

Hair Accessories:

In the hair accessories section, Pothys had lot of variety of hair clips and hair bands. Let’s see what all I picked:

* Pink Bow clip: I used to have such a clip before and wore it so much that it broke. My friend used to call is as a fractal clip as there is a bow inside a bow (the hair clip). I got the previous one at a mall in Hyderabad when I went to visit my sister. I was so happy to see a similar one in Pothys. This clip is somewhat costly but quality is really great, so smooth and soft on hair. When you buy a hair clip, make sure that it is sturdy and smooth and that it doesn’t pull your hair. Else you get hairfall.

* Lavender Mosaic Design clip: I got this for the lavender dress. The design looked very different. This is also high quality and priced higher.

* Multi-Color Floral Round Clip: Round-shaped clips are coming in fashion now. I had one flower-shaped round clip with me and many people asked where I got it. Round clips are good for wearing on your ponytails or even as a tie on your pleated hair. I wore it as a tie for my pleated hair to office. This is a multi-colored one and has floral design on it. Looked different and nice to me.

* Coffee-Brown Triangle Clip: I liked the triangle shape and the coffee brown shade of the clip. It fits snugly on my ponytail. I have lot of brown dresses for it to pair with.

* Brown Lace Rubber Band: This lace design rubber band felt different to me. I wear it when I pleat my hair. And the dark brown color goes well with all dresses.

* Purplle Banana Clip: I love banana clips. I wear them on days when I have washed my hair. Banana clips can cover your entire hair as a pony tail. Unlike a rubber band, this will look like a vertical high pony tail. I bought this for wearing with the lavender churidhar. As well as I have some other lavender and purple dresses.

* Rose Banana Clip: Loved this light shade rose banana clip. I have lot of rosy and pinky dresses for which this will go well with. Banana clips also give volume to your hair and make it look fuller. They are a nice way to flaunt your long and dense hair.

* Lavender Round Glass Clip: As I said round clips are trending in fashion now. And glass transparent clips have also started trending in the fashion side. This is a lavender glass round clip. You can section your hair and wear this on top like a pony tail or pleat your hair and wear it smugly as a tie to clip your ends.

* Deep Blue Rectangular Glass Clip: I have many blue dresses and I liked this shade of deep blue. Plus its a transparent glass clip.

Things for my mom:

Finally, my mom bought couple of things here at Pothys. She picked up these two black hair bands. I told her to pick some big ones but she got these chota ones. She also got this tiny tadka frying pan. It is so small and nice. Very good for tempering tadka on stove.

After finishing shopping, we came outside. Pothys has a snacks stall at their entrance. We got two cups of coffee, a plate of pav bhaji and parceled some mini vadas. Also there is a supermarket at the basement where we went to purchase some groceries and vegetables for home needs. We took a Ola cab back home after that.

That’s all folks! This is my shopping experience at TNagar and Pothys. As you can see, we got a lot of good quality things at reasonable prices. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any doubts about TNagar Shopping, you can drop me an email at ibeautyspy@gmail.com or DM me on Insta here. Have a lovely, pretty day!

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