Welcome to IBeautySpy!
Am Archana, working as a software engineer in Bangalore and a hobbyist beauty blogger.
When I say to people am a “beauty blogger”, I usually get a mixture of reactions. And then I realise many beauty bloggers out there must be going through the same thing.
People usually under-estimate beauty blogging as copying text from somewhere or writing some random reviews. Or well, some ask me, “what else is there to write about?”.
I guess this is how many people outside a profession perceive it. Likewise, people who don’t understand software development, usually imagine that I go to office and do whatsapp, check FB, make personal calls and read the news. When in reality, most days, right on entering the office, there is some issue, something has broken, gone down, and am mostly on my foot running between the phone and my system and answering multiple people on gchat.
If there is one group of people who underplay software development, there is another group of amateur developers who think they are doing the hottest job and the “we are changing the world” attitude.
Likewise, beauty blogging has its own side which those outside the profession may not be aware of. There is no need to underplay or overplay any profession.
Finally, there are some people who stress on why waste time on beauty! Well, I don’t think growing old, developing wrinkles, facing hair loss and grey hair is on anybody’s wishlist! So is it a waste of time to show some TLC on your skin and hair? After all, your skin and hair come with you all your life. Why not thank it instead of ill-treating it?
Phew! I think that was a long rant…
Finally, coming to IBeautySpy, why I chose the name:
I – My love for tech and bringing more tech into the beauty industry (Eh.. How is ‘I’ related to tech? the ‘I’ in Iphone, Ipad, etc. I know… lame attempt ????)
Beauty – My love for beauty, health, wellness and staying young (possibly reversing back the clock with some spell ???? )
Spy – My love for adventure (I Spy on latest Beauty trends and products like a top secret FBI agent . But yeah, I do love adventures. )
Combining the three, coding while hanging in the air in a cliff camp (like the Intel ad), while testing out beauty products is my wildest dream! ????