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Review of Alanna Sandal Vetiver Shower Gel and Alanna Saffron & Sandalwood Soap | Anti-Tanning Shower Gel

Hi all, Welcome back to IBeautySpy! Today I will be reviewing my current favorite shower gel and soap from the brand Alanna Naturally Beautiful. I have already reviewed few of Alanna products before and they have never disappointed me. You…
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Review of Vilvah Products – Vilvah Natural Orange and Cinnamon Roll-On Deodorant & Vilvah Handmade Fresh Goatโ€™s Milk Soap

Hi all, As promised, am here with the detailed review of Vilvah products which I received around 3 weeks back in my mail. I had published a small overview of the products. If you haven’t read that, check it out…
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