My Beauty Wishlist for 2020

Hi guys,
Wish you all a very Happy New Year! How did you guys celebrate New Year eve? We went to a Pizza place near our home which had unlimited pizzas, pastas and garlic bread. We ordered Tex-Mex Veg Pizza, Asian Magic Pizza, Garlic Butter Pizza, Tex-Mex Veg Pasta, White Sauce Pasta and Garlic Bread. Wow! It was mouth-watering. Everything was served super hot considering the climate here is so cold in Bangalore nights. And it was fresh too! I have posted on my Insta stories and saved under highlights ‘Life’. You can check it out. I was awake till 12 AM, literally doing random things. I was trying to collect one Google Pay stamp. I had collected all stamps in the 3-layered cake in Google Pay including the rare Pizza and Selfie stamp! 😀 So proud of myself! Only disco stamp was remaining. I was trying the Listen On-Air thing. Putting Google Pay videos on one phone and keeping the app open to listen on another phone, watching Youtube videos on how to collect disco stamp, trying to collect one more stamp before 12 AM 😀 He he! Btw, have any of you got luck with the Listen On-Air thing? The 2020 scanner worked amazing. There was a 2020 board in our floor in WeWork office and I was scanning it twice everyday in different angles and collecting two stamps daily. Phew! That Google Pay stamp game was awesome. I even gifted some stamps to others. I saw on youtube some people had created Whatsapp groups to gift and get stamps in return! Google created so much fun for the New Year 2020 ????.
Well, then we cut Yellow ButterScotch Cake at 12 AM. I had some cake. My PG owner’s son gave some cake to the new Love Birds we have got. I told him the birds are going to be sleeping at this time of night. Looks like they were awake and they ate the cake so well. Also its my best friend’s birthday on Jan 1, so I was wishing him and talking to his parents.
On Jan 1, we went to a movie at Vega City mall near my home. Its been long time since I saw a movie and this one was good. With some Nachos & Salsa to snack on while watching the movie! What did you do for New Year eve and New Year? Do share in the comments. I would love to know.

So every year I create a beauty wishlist at the beginning of the year with products and brands that am planning to try in the year. You can check out my beauty wishlists for the past three years below:
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Review of 2019 Beauty Wishlist:

Let’s take a small walk around my last year’s wishlist and do a review of how much has been completed:
1) Greenie Mill – I tried 3 products from Greenie Mill last year. Their 26 herbs hair oil, Sleep Time Lactic Lavender Body Butter and Sea Buckthorn Green Tea Tulsi Gel Moisturizer. All 3 products were amazing.
2) Blend It Raw Beauty Hydrosols – Made my first purchase of hydrosols from them last year – turmeric hydrosol, sweet lime hydrosol, amla hydrosol, black pepper hydrosol.
3) Ahe Naturals Coconut Milk Banana Conditioner – Crossed this item off my wishlist.
4) Enn’s Closet – Collaborated twice with them. Got 5 products to try.
5) Juicy Chemistry Kakadu Plum Frankinscense Face Wash – Crossed it off my wishlist.
6) Plum Green Tea Sunscreen Gel – Done.
7) Forest Essentials Tender Coconut Sunscreen – Done. Am so proud about this one though ????.
8) Thuyaa Cherry Face Wash – Crossed it off my wishlist.
9) Thuyaa Body Serum – It was a new launch and I was gifted it for testing as soon it was launched.
10) Thuyaa Kiwi Face Wash – Done too.
11) Juicy Chemistry Hemp Tea Tree Neem Face Wash – Done. Proud about this too ????.
12) Organic Blend Hair Serum – Done. Tried the Split Ends Repair one with Amla.
13) APS Cosmetofood – Started with this brand last year. Tried Strawberry Avocado Body Yoghurt and Cinnamon Raspberry Face Wash.
14) Rzhizi – Tried almost all their products. Proud of it ????.
15) Puresense – Tried some products from them.
16) Fiducia Botanicals – Tried some.
17) Bare Elements Skincare Sandalwood Lavender Face Mask – Was gifted.
18) Bare Elements Green Tea Avocado Hair Mask
19) Shankara Naturals Fine Line Moisturizer
20) One Kalya Shastra product – tried filter kaapi lip oil
21) Juicy Chemistry products – collaborated with them. Tried 3 of their products.
22) Dot & Key products – collaborated with them. Tried 3 of their products.

These were in my wishlist at the beginning of year 2019 and this is the review. All of the products and brands that I tried out above have turned out to be good. Except for few here and there. So am patting myself on the back for the good wishlist that I had created back in 2019 beginning. I think 2019 was a good year for me in skincare. I managed to complete about 90% of the wishlist which I think is great. Now its time for a brand new wishlist for 2020!

My Beauty Wishlist for 2020:

I have created an exhaustive wishlist here which includes all categories of products – skincare, bath & body, haircare. I cannot try all of these. But I created it so whenever I want to order a face wash/moisturizer/cleansing balm, etc, I can go through this list and pick one. If I can complete even 45% of this list by end of 2020, I would be happy. That’s the target. And maybe this wishlist would be useful for you as well to help you in creating your own wishlist for 2020. Consider it like a master list which you can use to create your own wishlist.

* Pahadi Local Walnut Oil, Salt Detox and Himalayan Clay
* Inatur products – vitamin E face wash, vitamin c wash and day cream, collagen cleansing foam and serum, kumkumadi cleanser, raspberry vitamin C serum, sports shower gel, tahitian monoi oil shampoo
* Daughter Earth products – antioxidant face wash, eternal youth serum, java plum face mask
* Vaunt Skincare Cranberry & Tamanu Facial Oil, Watermelon Seaweed Face Mist
* Kama Ayurveda hand cream, foot cream and sandalwood bath salt
* Raw Beauty products
* Juicy Chemistry Green Apple Toner, Chilly Hair Growth Serum, Guava shampoo, Saffron Red Raspberry Facial Oil, Kakadu Plum Pomegranate Vitamin C Facial Oil (as I want to try a vitamin C serum this year which is most hyped about), lime rice ginger soap, aloe calendula soap, tomato potato soap
* Mystic Naturals
* cbd lotion
* Melaura Skin Care Cleansing Balms & Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
* Aloe Veda face wash and after bath oil
* Rustic Art face wash concentrate
* Krya Sensitive Skin Oil Neem & Cardamom
* Blue Nectar – Warm Vanilla & Sugar Ultra Hydration Body Lotion, Niraa Mist Himalayan Rose & Cardamom Body Mist
* Organic Blend Eladi Face Pack, Bridal Face Pack with Red Sandalwood, Gold Mask
* Cosmetofood – Turmeric Kashmir Saffron Deep Pore Refining Elixir, Tomato Detan Face Wash & Elixir, Ceylon Cinnamon Elixir
* Soapworks Cleansing Balms, Lip serum with pomegranate flowers, Cleansing Buffs, Hair Serum
* Blended Botanica products especially Scarlet, Tropics, Soft, Heal & Ground
* Bare Skin Elements Bath Butters, Hemp & Blue Tansy Cleansing Oil
* Enn’s Closet Coconut Milk Hair Spray, Facial Massage Gel (any one variant)
* Biotique Micro Gold Sunscreen
* Good Vibes lip balm, toner, shampoo (any one variant)
* Kalya Shastra
* Forest Essentials Ojas Balm
* Treaclemoon Warm Apple Pie Hugs Shower Gel
* Any one Nykaa Peel Off Mask, any one hand cream
* Greenie Milk Gel To Milk Cleanser, Glow Boosting Vitamin C Serum
* Suganda Centella Green Tea Face Wash
* Innisfree Blueberry Sunscreen
* Forever Earth Hibiscus & Nettle Clarifying Shampoo

Brands to try out in 2020:

* The Skin Pantry
* Krya
* Herbal Fusion Care
* Earthy By Ellenza
* Raw Concotions
* Wild Organica Home
* Ancient Living
* Soap Stories
* Roots & Herbs
* Bath & Body Works
* Palmers coconut water products, deep conditioning hair mask, natural fusions range hair cleanser and hair oil
* Spa Ceylon
* Yves Rocher
* Skin Cafe
* Aroma Treasures
* @mindfulhealthindia Navami

Other than beauty:

Toska chocolates, Mast & Harbour bags, Raymond Home bedsheets

If some of these products are in your wishlist too, do share in the comments. Also I would love to know your beauty wishlist as well. You can use this master list. If you need any help in preparing your wishlist, you can drop me a mail at or DM me on Insta at @archugurus ????. Do join in the tag #2020BeautyWishlist.

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    wooow…just loving your beauty wishlist…????????????..I need to try the Plum Sunscreen Gel and The Hydrosols too…you can also try JC Kakadu plum face mask too…if you haven’t is ahmazing!!!..????????????????❤️

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks. Yes the KC plum face mask is on my wishlist for long time…

  2. Chaitali Das

    Nice list. My wish for 2020 is not to buy products that are already there. I am strictly on #nobuy till I end my stash.

  3. Sonali

    Amazing list and now I know what I can gift you next ✨

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you dear Sonali. That’s so thoughtful of you 🙂


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