Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Jul 2023 – What To Order, What To Pick, Sale Items Sale Prices Revealed – Get Your Bucket List Wishlist In Your Home – Part 1 – Makeup Products

Hi guys,

I have got a new topic to blog about and it’s about the ongoing Nykaa Hot Pink Sale. Today am going to list down items from the sale that are too good to be missed and they had excellent offer prices on these items. Remember in a sale, pick up items only on sale. You can order other items on regular days.

Okay, so I have made a wishlist / Pink Box for the sale. I had gone through the sale products and highlighted, marked and chosen products of my interest and those I can actually use. Most of these are new products, I haven’t tried them before and they are all like beautiful gold items for me. Like getting a trophy in a cricket match. Some of my favorite makeup brands I am going to reveal here. So let’s get started.

First am going to list down some products from my favorite makeup brand of all time Lakme and Maybelline:

1) Lakme Absolute Lip Mousse ???? – In the shade 202 – Pink Veil

This is a lip mousse. I have never tried a lip mousse before. And it’s from Lakme’s Absolute range which is like their top notch range. The packaging of this lip mousse is so pretty, something to die for. I have chosen 3 lovely shades in this. This one is shade no 202 – shade name Pink Veil. Look at how beautiful it looks in this pen type see-through packaging and inside there is pink lipstick ????. I admire it so much and it’s lovely to collect such stuff.

2) Lakme Absolute Lip Mousse – In the shade 302 – Cocoa Sin

Pure blissful chocolate cocoa color in pen format. Once your eyes capture cocoa color you would never turn back in life. I could not resist buying this.

3) Lakme Absolute Lip Mousse – In the shade 205 – Mauve Mischief

I love Mauve shades and this flattered me a lot. It has my kid’s name Mischief in it and the shade is super mischievous and monkeyish. You would sure go to Disneyland with it.

Here we go with the sale prices of these Lakme lip mousses ????:

Original price: Rs.650

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price: Rs.455

4) Nykaa Gloss It Up! High Shine Lip Gloss – In the shade – 01 Honey Boo

Next in my wishlist is a lip gloss from Nykaa Cosmetics. It is a light pastel pink lip gloss which should go so well on our lips and match our natural lip color.

5) In the shade – 02

Original price – Rs.550

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price – Rs.385

6) Nykaa Lips Don’t Lie! Waterproof Line & Fill Lip Liner: This is a lip liner from Nykaa cosmetics and I picked 3 shades from it.

In the shade – 10 Chocolate Boy

7) In the shade – 02 Pillow Fight

8) In the shade – 11 Fiesta Brunette

Original Price – Rs.399

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price – Rs.319

9) Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer – Next in is my favorite makeup brand Maybelline. And I picked 3 shades from their concealer – In the shade 10 Light

10) In the shade 50 Cafe

11) In the shade 35 Deep

Original Price – Rs.599

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price – Rs.390

12) Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Primer + Lip Color – Another makeup product from Lakme. I picked 2 shades from this lip color. In the shade Red Velvet – Such a lovely teddy shade ????.

13) In the shade – Brown Walnut

Original price – Rs.550

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price – Rs.330

14) Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick – Another makeup product from Maybelline product. Straight away a shade to be cherished. In the shade 15 Lover.

Original Price – Rs.699

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price – Rs.489

15) Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color – Rosy Plum

Original Price – Rs.700

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Price – Rs.420

16) MCaffeine Cocoa Kiss Creamy Matte Lipstick – Lastly, there’s a just in new launch from the brand MCaffeine – their newly launched lipsticks. In the shade Choco Melt.

17) There is a Buy 1 Get 1 Offer for these newly launched lipsticks. So I chose another one which is the freebie In the shade Mocha Muse.

Original price: Rs.499

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale price: Rs.399

As part of Nykaa Hot Pink Sale, I got some freebies after adding them to the shopping cart. Let’s see them one by one:

1) Free Nykaa Matte to Last! Mini Liquid Lipstick – Any Shade

2) Free Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color – Any shade

And there is a offer going on for today – wherein you get 5x reward points on the total order value.

I have included only makeup products in Part 1 of this post. If you want skincare products, I will make another part for it ????.

So that’s all about it guys! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you have any doubts on these shades.

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