Beauty Favorites of 2017 | Best Beauty Buys in 2017

Hi all,
2017 is finally coming to an end! Just few more days to go and we would step into a new year. So I thought of doing a round up of all my beauty favorites and best beauty buys in 2017. Most of these products are suitable for all skin types and these are my recommendations if you are looking to buy new beauty products for the coming new year. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved drafting it ????




Best Cleanser of 2017

Mitti Se Aloe Clay Cleanser & Mask:
Its just by pure chance that I ran into this product and I have to thank my stars for it. Its the best natural cleanser that I have ever used. It contains river bed clay which pulls dirt, oil and toxins from deep inside your pores leaving you with squeaky clean skin. Read my full review here.

Best Toner of 2017

Aroma Essentials AHA Pores Toner:
I am yet to review this beauty on my blog. But it works amazing for toning, to minimize pores, provides slight exfoliation and improves texture of skin. It also works so well in controlling breakouts and subduing existing ones.

Best Serum of 2017

Insta Glam Beauty Bridal Glow Serum:
I honestly didn’t have much expectations from this product. But it worked like a miracle on my skin. It fades dark spots like magic and as the name says, it truly gives a bridal glow. If you want porcelain like skin that koreans do, my advice, don’t waste your money on Korean brands which are mostly loaded with silicones. Try this 100% natural serum from Insta Glam Beauty for the true bridal glow.

Best Day Cream of 2017

Hydra By Ambika All Purpose Organic Face Cream:
This is a rich and luxurious cream and I loved using it. It worked like a charm on my dry skin. And I could feel the pure, organic ingredients used in it. You can read my full review here.

Best Night Cream of 2017

Haldi Doodh by Utkarshini:
This is a very unique product, the first of its kind in India. It is 100 times washed ghee! As per ayurveda, 100 times washed ghee has the ability to penetrate the 7 layers of your skin and nourish your skin from deep within. And true to its claims, it worked so well on me. Within a few uses, my skin was baby soft and glowing like anything.

Best Face Scrub of 2017

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub:
This is a 100% pure natural scrub made from the finest apricots in the foothills of the Himalayas. Again, I would highly recommend this to everyone. Read my full review here.

Best Face Pack of 2017

Alanna Naturally Beautiful Golden Glow Face Pack:
This works effectively in removing tan and brightening skin in just one use itself. A bit pricey but definitely worth the money. Read my full review here.

Best Facial Oil of 2017

Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil:
This is my absolute favorite facial oil. It is so affordable and works so well to nourish the skin as well as fade acne scars. You can read detailed review here.

Best Sunscreen of 2017

Loreal Paris UV Perfect Super Aqua Essence Fresh Hydrating UV Watery Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ Long UVA:
Am yet to review this on my blog. But its one of the best sunscreens I have ever used. It feels like a watery gel, doesn’t leave any white cast and suits my sensitive skin so well. It also has a high SPF of 50 and PA++++.

Best Lip Balm of 2017

Raw Home Essentials Apple Lip Butter:
I haven’t yet introduced this brand in my blog. Raw Home Essentials is an Instagram store which sells all natural skincare and haircare products. Their products are made with quality ingredients and work really well. This Apple Lip Butter helped a lot in healing my dry, chapped lips.

Best Under Eye Serum of 2017

Roots & Herbs Nutmeg Brightening Under Eye Tailam:
This is a multi-tasker. It works on dark circles, puffiness, relaxes, nourishes and minimizes fine lines under the eyes.

Best Body Oil of 2017

Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil:
I haven’t been using body lotions recently. So I will go with my favorite body oil. My vote goes for Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil. Read full review here.

Best Body Butter of 2017

Tvakh Pomelo & Kokum Velvet Touch Body Butter

Best Hand & Foot Cream of 2017

Juicy Chemistry Kokum & Myrrh Butter Intense Nourishing Hand & Foot Cream

Best Shower Gel of 2017

Soultree Indian Rose & Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel

Best Body Scrub of 2017

Spa Ceylon Luxury Ayurveda Forest Trail Body Scrub

Best Hair Oil of 2017

Roots & Herbs 49 Herbs Miracle Hair Food

Best Hair Mask of 2017

The Nature’s Co Rosemary Hibiscus Hair Mask

Best Shampoo of 2017

Organique Herbal Shampoo

Best Hair Serum of 2017

Areev Hair Strengthening Serum:
It is free from silicones, mineral oil and parabens. It is hard to find a silicone-free hair serum which is why I loved this one.

Best Unique Product of 2017

Hedonista Hair Perfume

Best Fragrance of 2017

Essence Like The Party of My Life Eau De Toilette

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