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Hi all,
Today am going to review a newly launched product by Blue Nectar. If you have read my previous reviews, you would know how much I love their products. They are based on pure ayurveda and show effective results. Today’s review is on their facial oil. There is lot of hype nowadays about facial oils. But most of the brands’ facial oil are exorbitantly priced and not affordable for many of us. Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil is one of the most affordable and effective facial oils I have come across and its based on all natural and ayurvedic ingredients.




Product claims

Shubhr Oil is a unique combination of 9 Vital Herbs and is:
* Effective to improve appearance of Stretch marks caused to pregnancy, Sudden weight gain or weight loss
* Effective to improve appearance of Scars or uneven Skin Tone
* Very good for Cracked Heels. Also helps in ageing skin and dehydrated Skin
* Contains 9 Vital Ayurvedic Herbs like MahaManjisthadi, Kumkumadi, Varnosodhan and Almond Oil that is rich in Vitamin A, C & E to give a youthful and glowing look to dull skin
* Light and non greasy and gets easily absorbed in Skin


Every 10ml contains:
MahaManjisthadi Tailam (3ml), Varnosodhan Tailam (3ml), Almond oil (0.5ml), Olive oil (0.5ml), Laljadi (0.5ml), Sunflower oil QS, Lavender oil (0.2ml), Rosemary oil (0.2ml)


Rs.445 for 100ml and Rs.845 for 200ml




IBeautySpy spies

The packaging of all Blue Nectar products is luxurious and classy. Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil comes in their signature blue and golden packaging. Inside, there’s a plastic bottle with a stopper with a small hole. Easy and mess-free to dispense the right amount of product each time.

Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil is transparent in color and has a thin, watery oil consistency. It has a mild and soothing smell of various herbs. I have tried many facial oils. Most of them have a strong unpleasant scent of oils. This by far is one of the pleasant smelling facial oils.

Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil feels very light on the skin. It doesn’t clog pores or cause whiteheads or blackheads. So oily skin people too can use it. Despite being light, it nourishes the skin deeply. Unlike face creams which sit on top of your skin and provide superficial hydration, this facial oil penetrates into your skin to give deep nourishment. There is no oily or greasy feeling after application.

Since I have dry skin, I take about 5 drops of the oil and massage into my face and neck. Oily skin people can use just 2-3 drops of it. So one bottle of 100ml is going to last long. I have been using it for a month, twice a day, and still not even 1/4th of the bottle is over.

Coming to the long term effects, Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil provides deep nourishment to your skin and makes it super soft and supple. I had lot of acne scars on my cheeks and I can see after one month of using it continuously, it is fading many of the scars. Which is a great thing for acne-prone skin like mine as we get acne leading to scars often. My skin felt brighter, luminous and glowing. I never experienced any breakouts with this oil. It also firms skin and gives it a youthful appearance. So its a good anti-aging oil as well. I don’t have any stretch marks, so can’t comment on those. Regarding its claims of healing cracked heels, I have tried it on my foot and it does work well but regular use needed. I also apply it under my eyes and it has helped to lighten my dark circles. So as you can see, its a multipurpose oil.




Does it satisfy all its claims?

Yes, it satisfies all its claims.

What I like?

* Light and non-greasy texture.
* Deeply nourishes skin.
* Gives soft and supple skin.
* Makes skin bright, luminous and glowing.
* Helps in fading scars and acne marks.
* Firms skin and gives it a youthful appearance.
* Lightens dark circles.
* Good for cracked heels.
* Ayurvedic formulation with 9 vital herbs.
* Free from parabens, silicones and mineral oil.
* Suitable for all skin types.
* Very affordable.

What I don’t like?


Will I recommend?

Yes, definitely, for all skin types.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, definitely.

Value for money?

Yes, its pocket-friendly and great value for money.

Availability: You can buy online at a discounted price from here or here

IBeautySpy Rating: 5/5

Overall, Blue Nectar Shubhr Oil is a star performer in all aspects. Even if you don’t have scars or stretch marks, you can use it as an anti-ageing oil. My dry and ageing skin got a youthful glow after using this. The light and non-greasy consistency makes it ideal for all skin types. And which facial oil do you get at Rs.445 for 100ml? I would highly recommend you to give this a try.

P.S Product sent by the brand for consideration. But my opinions and reviews are honest as always.

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  1. Ghazala Naseem

    Ingredient list is good , Its great that it helped you to reduce acne marks 🙂

  2. Anita Singh

    Ye to super effective n super affordable product dikh raha hai 👍👍
    Thanks for review , apni frnd ko bata deti hu, usko jarurat hai 😊

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Anita 🙂

  3. Sangeeta

    This sounds like an amazing facial oil. Considering it is deeply nourishing I will wait till winters to give this a try.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Sangeetha, this is a very light facial oil. It doesn’t feel heavy or much oily. so you can try it now only 🙂

  4. Zeba Noor

    I exactly need something like this…thank you so mch fr d review.. Loved d post!!

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    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Zeba 🙂

  5. Shilpa Bindlish

    I have never used any stretch mark related product ever. Nice post.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Shilpa. This can be used not only for stretch marks but also for scars and acne spots and also for nourishing the skin…

  6. swati sharma

    sounds to be a great product…I wasn’t aware about the brand. I’ll try the product.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, do give it a try. Its one of the best facial oils I have used…

  7. Sonali

    How did I miss this review of yours. The price is definitely a win.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, Sonali. Getting a facial oil at this price and quantity, that too with great results, is awesome 🙂

  8. Richa

    I am battling tonne of acne scars right now, was thinking of using Blue Nectar Kumkumadi but will try this first 🙂

    1. admin (Post author)

      For acne scars, kumkumadi might show quicker results.


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