Review of Junaili Apricot Face Scrub – 100% Pure, Natural, Made in the Himalayas

Hi everyone,
Today am doing one more skincare product review. Few weeks back, I had a posted a What’s In My Mail post. You would have seen this product in the post. And some of you requested detailed review on it. So here I am with the review of Junaili Apricot Face Scrub after using it for 3 weeks. How did it fare on me? Does it satisfy its claims? Would I recommend it? Keep reading to know more.



About the brand Junaili

Coldpressed at 7000 feet in the Kumaon Himalayas from the finest apricots, our oils and scrubs are 100% pure and chemical free. Family-owned and committed to sustainable practices, Junaili makes and sells only in small batches. Our no-compromise manufacturing style ensures exceptional quality at an affordable price. Made in the Himalayas from the finest plant-based ingredients, Junaili’s products are effective and safe.

Product claims

Made in the Himalayas from the finest botanicals, this gentle exfoliating face scrub is 100% pure and chemical-free. Suitable for all skin types.


Cold-Pressed Apricot Kernel Scrub & Geranium Leaf Essential Oil.


Rs.384 for 75g



IBeautySpy spies

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub comes in a plastic tub packaging with a golden lid. The packaging, logo and colors looks classy.

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub comes in a granular, powder form, brown in color. The scent is of pure geranium oil. Personally, I don’t like geranium oil much. I found it in Mitti Se Body Oil first time and it gave me a headache every time I used it. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to essential oils. Though I like other essential oils, this one didn’t go well with me. But since I keep this scrub on my face for only 10-15 minutes, I bear the fragrance and I have got used to it. But those who like geranium oil will find this product very relaxing and calming for sure.

Almost all of us would have used apricot scrubs when we were younger. Everyuth, Himalaya, Lotus Herbals, St.Ives, what not! Every brand has an apricot scrub for sure! So why Junaili? Because Junaili Apricot Face Scrub is 100% pure, natural and handmade at 7000 feet in the Himalayas! Junaili is a family owned business in the Himalayas and they use only the finest of ingredients. Apart from this face scrub, they also have apricot body scrub, apricot facial oil and apricot body oil.

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub contains only 2 ingredients – apricot and geranium E.O. So you can imagine the purity and the effectiveness it will give. I take about one and a half teaspoon of powder, mix it with curd and apply all over my face, scrubbing in gentle circular motions. You can also use milk instead of curd. In the directions, it is mentioned it can be used with water also. But I got best results from curd. When I mix it with curd, it forms a thick paste and looks like chocolate icecream 😀 The consistency becomes similar to the usual apricot scrubs we get from brands. With milk and water, the consistency will be little runny and scrubbing little hard.

After scrubbing, I leave the paste on for 10-15 minutes like a face pack. Why would I waste all the goodness of apricots and geranium to go away just in 1-2 minutes 🤔

Coming to the results, I would say my skin really enjoyed the apricot meal. Apricots are rich in vitamins A & C, both of which are needed for our skin. It made my skin super, super, smooth way better than apricot scrubs from any other brands. The granules are just the right size, not too abrasive. It exfoliates all the dead cells and aids in new cell regeneration. I have actually witnessed this with continuous use. My dull and tired looking face looked fresh, bright and youthful. Like new healthy cells had been formed. I have read that if your skin is damaged due to sun exposure or pollution or any other factor, exfoliating is the best way to eliminate the damaged cells and make way for new, healthy cells to grow.

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub also deep cleanses and unclogs the pores. My nose usually has lot of whiteheads, felt very clean after using this. So I can say it helps in reducing whiteheads also. It also firms up the skin if left on for 10-15 mins.

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub is suitable for all skin types. You can mix it with base of your choice. For the affordable price point and high quality, I would definitely recommend this to everyone.



Does it satisfy its claims?

Absolutely. In fact, it does more than what it claims 😍

What I liked?

* 100% pure, natural, handmade at 7000 ft in the Himalayas with finest quality apricots.
* Granules are right size and gentle on the skin.
* Exfoliates dead cells and helps in cell turnover.
* Makes skin super duper smooth and silky.
* Deep cleanses and unclogs pores.
* Eliminates whiteheads and blackheads.
* Makes skin firmer and youthful
* Affordable.

What I don’t like?

* Limited availability.

Would I recommend?

Yes, definitely, for all skin types.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, once my current face scrubs stash gets over.

Value for money?

Its affordable and great value for money.

Availability: You can buy online from here or here

IBeautySpy Rating: 5/5

Overall, Junaili Apricot Face Scrub is a must-try product for everyone. Getting a 100% pure, natural product at such an affordable price is like a dream come true. I would never have imagined I would use a pure apricot scrub made at 7000 feet in the Himalayas! All credits goes to Junaili! Junaili rocks! 😊

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  1. Madhu

    Nice in depth review. But not sure if I will get this. I am not a fan of geranium too.

  2. Sonali

    I would love trying this one..

  3. Zeba Noor

    Wowww!! 5/5
    Added to my skincare wishlist ❤❤❤❤
    I have never tried a Junaili product till now 🙁

    1. admin (Post author)

      Sure, try it once, Zeba…

  4. Megha Gupta

    apricot scrub exfoliates skin amazingly and a cold pressed scrub is something to look for. Interesting review

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Megha 🙂

  5. Anita Singh

    Junaili brand ki bahut taarif suni hai 😊 isko wish list me likh liya hai, jarur try karna chahungi
    Thank for sharing dear 😊

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Anita 🙂

  6. Mily Jain

    I love using an apricot scrub on weekends..this sounds nice!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, its so good, Mily. Do try it once…

  7. Snehal

    I have heard so much about this scrub! Gotta try after reading your review!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, it is very good Snehal 🙂

  8. Shilpa Bindlish

    I presonally prefer premixed scrubs. Most of the times, I ignore a good product just bcz of my laziness of mixing the powdered formula. Yet to try this brand.


    personally i am obsessed with scrubs and always on the search for organic scrubs out there. My current juicy chemistry one is almost done and i am on the look out for another such organic scrub. This one sounds so so tempting, will give this a try soon and btw i totally agree on keeping the scrub on for a while on the face as a mask :p I do that as well 🙂

    1. admin (Post author)

      Ha ha! Yes, I always keep all scrubs for a while just like a mask 🙂

  10. Santhoshi

    Where can i get this product..?is it available in amazon..?

    1. admin (Post author)

      No, its not there in Amazon. Pls check Qtrove. And also their website


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