What’s In My Mail? – February Edition

Hi guys,
I know am pretty late in posting last month’s What’s In My Mail post. I had planned on doing it the first week of every month for the previous month’s mail. But now we are almost at the end of second week. I was too busy in office work for the past two weeks. My bandwidth was shared across 3 projects – all of which I was solely managing 🙁 . And I didn’t get any time for my blog or Instagram. Today, finally I decided to pen down this post. So let’s see all that came in my mail during the month of February. Some are what I have ordered, some are gifts and some are PR packages. Let’s see them one by one:




Assorted Green/White Teas:

First package is my Amazon order of green and white teas. I have started consuming green tea regularly now. I finished two variants of Typhoo’s green tea (Lemongrass & Moroccan mint) and OnlyLeaf Assorted Green Tea box in Jan. So last month, I wanted to try some other new variants of green tea, especially those which will help in detoxing. I browsed through Amazon and placed order for 3 variants of green tea (to qualify for free delivery, of course ???? ).

1) Tea Culture of the World Flowery Bouquet Exotic Tea Pyramids:
I wanted to buy a rose tea to calm and relax myself to sleep before bedtime. This comes in an amazing, amazing packaging and that too at a very affordable price. Look at the big pink box. And the sachets inside are big and fat 😀 . The quality is superb. It contains rose, hibiscus, licorice and green tea. I would definitely recommend you to try this one.
2) TeaTox Life Colon Health Tea – 28 Day Detox Herbal Tea for Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse Bloating Relief:
I ordered this mainly for detoxing and weight loss purpose. Contains green tea, amla, haritaki, baheda, senna leaves and stevia leaves. Am still testing this.
3) TeaMonk Nilgiri White Tea for Glow & Immunity:
I wanted to try white tea. Also something for glowing skin. This fits both. It is Nilgiri White Tea with claims for glow and immunity. This is the first white tea experience for me. Will update more about this on Insta stories. Follow me on Instagram here.

Whenever I drink green tea, I also dab some on my face as a toner and use the tea bag remains by mixing in face packs. This has helped a lot in controlling and reducing acne for me. So am giving you a easy-peasy skincare tip. Apply green tea regularly on your skin if you are struggling with acne. Also the above tea variants contain a lot of ingredients which are good for skin. So you are going to get multiple benefits, not just that of green tea.




Soap Stories India order:

My second package is a soaps order for my family. Sonali from Skincarevilla introduced me to this brand. She sent me their Breakfast soap bar as a Christmas gift. I was showing it to my sister and she too liked the smell. After using, I was really surprised by the quality of the soap. It was seriously so good, really one of the best soaps I have used. I thought of gifting one to my sister and one to my mom. I chatted with the founder, Madhu, on Insta and she is a sweet person. I ended up ordering 3 of their soaps. And I got a complimentary body butter with my order. Thank you so much, Madhu for the sweet surprise 🙂 . They came packaged in beautiful golden bags perfect for gifting.

1) Soap Stories Almond Milk Soap – I got this for my sister. She has very dry skin and I thought almond milk should help in that. This also contains ground almonds for slight exoliation.
2) Soap Stories Coconut Mint Soap – This contains tender coconut water. How cool is that! Coconut water in a soap! The fragrance is a blend of peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass and may chang. This is also for my sister.
3) Soap Stories Romance Soap – This is for my mom. It contains lychee juice and guava juice. So lovely!
4) Soap Stories Flower Child Body Butter – Freebie with my order. I was all grins on seeing this in my package ????.

Do check out their Insta page here. Am sure you would be tempted to order some of their soaps. Thank you Sonali for introducing me to this lovely brand 🙂 .



Perfume Gift:

Third package is a perfume that I got as a gift. I went to Enrich salon, the parlor that I usually go to get my pedicures and waxing done. And they had some offer going on, for which they gifted me a complimentary perfume after my services were done. It is the:

* The Woman Company Allay Pour Femme EDT

Am super happy to receive a perfume gift on February Valentine’s Month. I feel my soulmate has sent it to me through the universe.

Aroma Essentials PR Package:

The fourth parcel is a PR Package from the brand Aroma Essentials. I have already reviewed many of their products previously. They sent me 4 products for testing this time:

1) Aroma Essentials Coffee Cinnamon Body Polish
2) Aroma Essentials Green Tea Sunblock SPF 30 (summer special new launch)
3) Aroma Essentials Chocolate Body Butter
4) Aroma Essentials Rose Quartz Post Bath Essence

Scrubs & Bubbles Insta order:

The fifth package is my order from a new Insta brand called Scrubs & Bubbles. When browsing their products, I saw these cute doughnut shaped soaps. And I thought of gifting it to my sister’s son who loves doughnuts and waffles like anything. I got two soaps above from Soap Stories for my sister and I wanted to give this doughnut soap along with that for her son. I spotted couple more unique items in this store and so ordered 3 items. All the below items were very affordable as well.

* Doughnut soap in chocolate strawberry flavor – gift for my sister’s son.
* Ferrero Rocher Lip Scrub – this contains real nutella and is an edible lip scrub. So I wanted to try.
* Caramel Frappe Exfoliating Stick LIp Balm – this tastes exactly like Starbucks Caramel Frappes ????.




Dot & Key PR Package:

The sixth package is a PR mail from the new brand Dot & Key. They have super cute packaging. Below are 3 products I got from the brand:

1) Dot & Key Skin Cleansing Steam Balm with Neroli & Lime
2) Dot & Key Illuminating Glow Moisturizer In Serum Frangipani & Ylang Ylang SPF 15
3) Dot & Key Hand Cream Sanitizer + Moisturizer Lavender & Peppermint

I have tested and reviewed all the above in my blog. You can check out my recent posts for the same.

Blended Botanica order:

Seventh package is my order from the new brand Blended Botanica. This is launched by Aarushi, the founder of Blend It Raw Beauty brand. While the latter sells DIY items like clays, hydrosols, butters, herbs, etc, her new venture is to sell her own formulations. The brand’s first product was Magic Balm and it was super pricey. I dropped the idea of buying it after seeing the price. But then she launched her second product too, Wild, matcha foaming powder cleanser. And there was an offer, where if we buy Magic Balm, we get 10g of Wild free with it. I was tempted with this offer and wanted to try Aarushi’s formulations, so placed an order.

1) Blended Botanica Magic Balm
2) Blended Botanica Wild Matcha Foaming Mud (freebie with order)

Just Herbs PR Package:

Eighth package, this was a surprise for me. Just Herbs is going to launch a new ayurvedic micellar water. They are still researching on the best formula for the product. And I got 4 samples of their formulation for testing. I will be using them and sending feedback to the brand to help them choose the best formulation out of the 4 samples.



Inatur Sample:

Ninth package. Inatur sent me a sample of their newly launched Kumkumadi Sun Protection Lotion SPF 30. I have never seen a sunscreen with kumkumadi in it. So am excited to try it. Will post a short review on Insta after using.

Auric Ayurvedic Beverages:

Tenth Package is from Auric. I had ordered from Auric before. They messaged me asking that they have now improved the formulation and whether they can send across the new drinks to try out. I received these 3 drinks:

1) Auric Mind Rejuvenation
2) Auric Body Defense
3) Auric Skin Radiance

The base of all these drinks is coconut water. Which I found quite interesting. As I haven’t come across ayurvedic beverages with coconut water base. Each variant has different herbs in it. Gotu Kola, Shankhapushpi and Brahmi for Mind Rejuvenation. Ashwagandha, Moringa, Amla, Gotu Kola and Haldi for Body Defense. Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, Haldi and Amla for Skin Radiance. These drinks are free from preservatives, no added sugar and low calorie. The brand has weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscription and the price is affordable as well. You can check out their website here.

Smytten Samples:

Eleventh package is my Smytten order. I had 3 free trials in my Smytten account. And on Valentine’s Day, Smytten had an offer of 3 extra trials. And there was a full size product of Daughter Earth Lip Balm which I wanted to try for a long time. So I decided to avail this offer and order my 6 trials:

1) Kama Ayurveda Shea Lotus Body Butter (been wanting to try this for a long time)
2) Kama Ayurveda Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment
3) Daughter Earth Antioxidant Lip Balm (full size 🙂 )
4) Amrutham Kuntal Care Hair Spa
5) Seer Secrets Smoky Rose Geranium Hydrating Soy Milk Enzyme Body Cleanser
6) True Elements Muesli Cranberry & Blueberry (this is quite a decent sized sample)



That’s all guys! Last month too surprisingly I have received so many packages. I feel its a really good start to the New Year. Am grateful and thankful to all the gifts and PR mail sent by brands.

This month, March, is my birthday month. So expect some lovely mails and packages in my next post 🙂 .

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