What’s In My Mail? – January Edition

Hi all,
How are you guys doing? The first month of the year, January, is ending. I received a lot of packages this month unexpectedly. So I thought of doing a ‘What’s In My Mail’ post for all the beauty packages that I received this month 😀. There are many interesting brands and products. Some of them I won in contests, some I ordered and some are PR packages. Let’s see what came in my mail:



Smytten Samples:

I had 3 trials in my Smytten account for a long time. On Christmas, Smytten had a offer where they were giving 3 extra trials for that day. So we can get 6 samples totally. These are the 6 products I chose:

* BioBloom Face Wash with Aloe Vera, Neem and Bergamot:
I got this ‘coz I wanted to try face wash from BioBloom. And these travel-size face washes are great for carrying when I visit my home. Instead of carrying a big bottle just for 2 days.
* BioBloom After Bath Oil with Almond, Licorice:
I have tried another bath oil from BioBloom in variant sandalwood and liked it. So wanted to see this one. It claims to brighten skin as it contains Licorice.
* L’Occitane Eau Enrichie Enriched Water
* L’Occitane Reine Blanche Illuminating Toner: L’Occitane samples are never to be missed. Their Reine Blanche range is a newly launched range.
* Daughter Earth Eternal Youth Rejuvenating Serum: I have been wanting to try this new brand. So when I saw the sample on Smytten, I added it to my cart.
* The Gourmet Jar Raspberry Strawberry Preserve – My love for berries made me pick this. I like to treat myself with bread and jam on Sundays 😋.



Plum Body Butters:

* Plum Goodness Berry Sorbet Body Butter
* Plum Goodness Creme Caramel Body Butter

Second package is my Plum Goodness order. I use up body butters pretty fast since I have really dry skin and Plum body butters are affordable compared to other natural brands out there. I have already tried their Cherry Kiwi & Vanilla Fig body butters. When the brand launched their new body butters, I ordered them right away as my stock was running out anyway. I got the Berry Sorbet and the Creme Caramel one.

You can check out my other Plum products review here.



APS Cosmetofood Body Yogurts:

* APS Cosmetofood Strawberry Almond Milk Body Yogurt
* APS Cosmetofood Avocado Almond Milk Body Yogurt

Third package is my APS Cosmetofood order. APS Cosmetofood is another organic brand and they recently launched body yogurts. I was very surprised when I saw the price. Because all other products from that brand are kinda expensive. But these body yogurts were just Rs.180 for 125ml. And there was a 10% discount on top of that. That’s so cheap. I don’t know how the quality and performance will be. But for the price I thought I will just give it a try. I got two variants – Strawberry Almond Milk Body Yogurt and Avocado Almond Milk Body Yogurt. I have never seen body yogurts in any other brand apart from TBS. So looking forward to try these.

Ilana Organics Order:

* Ilana Organics Reviving Moisture Mask Pomegranate + Camellia
* Ilana Organics Nourishing Sun Shield Raspberry + Carrot (Freebie)

Fourth package is my Ilana Organics Order. On Dec 31st, they had a BOGO offer. I had already tried some of their products before and liked the quality. So thought of exploring more from the brand taking advantage of the offer. My Aroma Essentials Gold Night Cream was getting over, so I thought of ordering their night cream – Ilana Organics Reviving Moisture Mask Pomegranate + Camellia. The name says as mask, its actually a sleeping mask 😊. And what I got free along with this was Ilana Organics Nourishing Sun Shield Raspberry + Carrot. I haven’t tried anything with raspberry oil before, so quite excited for this. You can check out my other reviews on Ilana Organics here.

Inatur Gift Box:

Fifth package is a contest prize that I received from Inatur. I was really surprised when I received it as it was looking super big and heavy. It came in this nice black color gift box and there were so many products inside. I was grinning from ear to ear on seeing them ☺. These are all that I got:

* Inatur Lavender Hydrosol
* Inatur Charcoal Mineral Soap
* Inatur Argan Oil Nutri-Hydrant Shampoo Organic Sulphate-Free
* Inatur Energising Shower Gel Mandarin Grapefruit Chrono-Mineral Energiser
* Inatur Cold-pressed Sesame Oil

I have never tried any products from Inatur and this will be my first experience with them. Thank you Inatur for this wonderful gift hamper 🙂 .



Blue Nectar Contest Prize:

Sixth package is from Blue Nectar. I won another contest from Blue Nectar. Its an ayurvedic brand and I have tried some products from them before and really impressed with them. You can check out all my reviews of Blue Nectar here. What I got as my contest prize:

* Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Radiance Glow Night Serum.

Am super lucky to receive their bestselling product, kumkumadi oil 🙂 .

Yashasvi Organics Gift Hamper:

Seventh package is from Yashasvi Organics. For those who don’t know Yashasvi Organics is an Insta brand and they have a wide collection of interesting natural products with very good ingredients list. You can check out their Insta page here. I won their Christmas contest and these are all the products I received from the brand as my prize:

* Yashasvi Organics Litt Up Face Wash with red grapes
* Yashasvi Organics Berrylicious Face Scrub
* Yashasvi Organics Vanilla Hair Cleanser – Sulphate, Paraben and Silicone Free

Check my Insta post on it here.



Thuyaa Skincare Order:

Eight package is my order from Thuyaa Skincare. This is another Insta brand. Click here to check their Insta page. They have very affordable products made with very very good ingredients. This brand was suggested to me by one of my Insta friends. I actually wanted to order their leave-in conditioner only as my current Organikare Strawberry Rose Hair Pudding is over. But then I added more products to my cart when I saw how affordable everything was. These are all what I ordered:

* Thuyaa Pistachio Chamomile Rose Leave-in Conditioner (contains butters of pistachio, chamomile, shea, cocoa, macadamia nut oil, E.O of myrrh, rose, vetiver, geranium and beeswax)
* Thuyaa Anti-Aging Facial Toner (hydrosols of jasmine, sandalwood, clary sage and carrot seed)
* Thuyaa Mint Tea Body Butter (mango, cocoa and green tea butter, macadamia nut oil, calendula oil, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E oil, E.O of myrrh, peppermint and ylang-ylang.
* Thuyaa Lightening Brightening Face Serum (Evening primrose oil, papaya seed oil, tomato seed oil, watermelon seed oil, E.O of lemon, myrrh, frankincense, carrot seed and bergamot)

Check my insta post on it here.



Imiana House PR Mail:

Ninth package is blogger’s mail from Imiana House. I have already reviewed many products from Imiana House. Its a brand with clean and organic ingredients list. What I received from the brand for review purpose:

* Imiana House Damage Repair Avocado Conditioner – Paraben and Silicone-Free

Check my Insta post on it here and here.

Enn’s Closet PR Package:

Tenth and last package is from Enn’s Closet. I received PR Package from the brand just two days back. I have already reviewed Enn’s Closet Wipe Out Chlorophyll Cleanser and Illuminous Skin Lightening Face Mask in my blog. You can click on the above links to check them. They have recently launched many new products and what I got was:

* Enn’s Closet About To Glow Saffron Infused 100 Times Washed Ghee
* Enn’s Closet Rice There – Rice Lentil Elixir
* Enn’s Closet After 9 Overnight Sleeping Mask

I will be reviewing these new launches soon. So subscribe to my blog to stay updated.

Check my Insta post on it here.



That’s all guys! This month surprisingly I have received so many packages. I feel its a really good start to the New Year. Am grateful and thankful to all the contests prizes and PR mail sent by brands.

Do let me know in the comments whether you like these kind of ‘What’s In My Mail’ unboxing posts so that I can do them more often 🙂 .

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  1. khadija Beauty

    I love plum body butter. their new packaging looks so attractive. Wanted to know if it’s just the packaging that’s changed or even the product inside?

    1. admin (Post author)

      The product is the same. They changed packaging only.


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