Review of Gulnare Goddess Rose Gold Elixir Dry Oil for Glowing Skin

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How was your weekend guys? My mom had come to my place and so we had a good time together, shopping, eating out, etc. Its always nice when parents visit our place right? ???? So today’s review is on Gulnare Goddess Rose Gold Elixir Dry Oil for Glowing Skin. Facial oils are the new trend nowadays, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you should start including them in your skincare regime. Not because it is a trend, but because they do magic to your skin! Ever since I started using facial oils, my skin’s texture has improved a lot, acne scars have faded, my skin looks healthy and glowing and also I have had far less breakouts than usual. This is because facial oils are packed with various nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids that help repair, renew and strengthen the skin. I have tried facial oils from few brands and I picked up this one from Gulnare when it was on a 50% sale. The terms ‘Rose’ and ‘Gold’ together intrigued me as well as the ingredients list. So let’s see how Gulnare Rose Gold Elixir performs.

Product claims

Add a touch of luxury to your beauty ritual with Goddess facial oil. Infused with 24K carat gold, saffron & rose petals, it deeply nourishes, conditions, and protects, leaving skin with a glossy, silky sheen. The formula locks in moisture, delivers antiaging benefits, and restores the skin’s glowing softness, elasticity, and comfort.
The super ingredient in this magical elixir is rosehip oil, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and even stretch marks.


24K gold, Rose petals, Saffron , Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Argan oil


Rs.1800 for 30ml

IBeautySpy spies

Gulnare has recently revamped their entire packaging. The one you see in these pictures is the old one actually. The new Gulnare Rose Gold Elixir actually comes in a glass bottle with a dropper which is better than this one.

Gulnare Rose Gold Elixir looks orange in color. I am assuming it is due to the addition of saffron. Also there are tiny gold particles floating in the oil. And there is a decent amount of them, not very less. The scent of rosehip oil is prominent. There is no other artificial fragrance.

Some interesting info:
Gulnare mentions this as a dry oil. The term sounded new to me, as how can an oil be dry? So I googled to understand it. So basically, dry oils are lightweight and quick absorbing oils. Popular dry oils are avocado, rosehip, evening primrose, sesame, grapeseed and argan. Wet oils, on the other hand, are slower to absorb and they form an occlusive barrier on the skin. A major benefit of wet oils is that they help in reducing transepidermal water loss, which makes them perfect for cracked, dehydrated skin and for treating Atopic Dermatitis Disease (eczema) and inflamed skin conditions. Popular wet oils are neem, coconut, castor, jojoba, tamanu, sweet almond and apricot.

Dry oils need to be applied on slightly damp skin. Initially I was using Gulnare Rose Gold Elixir on dry skin and I couldn’t massage it properly as it had a thick consistency. Later I started applying it when my toner was still damp on my skin. In that case, I need only two drops of the oil and it is easy to blend and massage into skin. I found the texture and the absorption time similar to rosehip oil.

Gulnare Rose Gold Elixir serves as an excellent moisturizer as well as serum. If you have oily-combination skin, you won’t need a separate moisturizer after applying this. It takes care of the dry patches on the skin and makes it soft and supple.

My skin was dull, dehydrated and tired looking initially. And I had lot of acne scars and pigmentation.

After 2 weeks:
Skin looked healthy and glowing. Few acne scars have started fading. But not completely.

After 4 weeks:
Skin looked brighter and radiant. Pigmentation and tan has reduced. Few acne scars have faded completely. More are starting to fade.

After 8 weeks:
Most of the acne scars have faded completely. Skin is looking clearer, brighter and glowing. Skin texture, elasticity has improved and face is looking more youthful. So it has slight anti-aging benefits too. Also what I have observed is, this facial oil protects my skin from pollution and other environment damage as it forms a thin layer and acts as a barrier. I have sensitive skin and frequently get sun burns and itching sensation when exposed to lot of dirt and pollution. After long term use of this, my sensitivity also has reduced and skin has strengthened (don’t know if that is the right word! ????)

Overall, I have had a good experience with Gulnare Rose Gold Elixir. The price is my only concern. It costs Rs.1800 which is higher than many other facial oils available in the market. But we get 30ml of the product and only 2-3 drops are enough, so this lasted me for around 3 months. Just be cautious with the quantity you use else it can make face look oily if you go overboard.

The ingredients list is really impressive with the best blend of oils – jojoba, rosehip and argan. And also contains 24k gold, saffron and rose petals. All are expensive ingredients. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E, essential fatty acids, omega-3, carotenoids, flavonoids, trans-retinoic acid, polyphenols. Wow!

Does it satisfy all its claims?

* Deeply nourishes – yes
* Conditions – yes
* Protects – yes
* Glossy, silky sheen – not really ????
* Locks in moisture – yes
* Anti-aging benefits – to an extent
* Glowing – yes
* Softness – yes
* Elasticity – yes

What I like?

* 100% natural.
* Moisturizes and takes care of dry patches.
* Doesn’t clog pores or cause any breakouts.
* Gives healthy and glowing skin.
* Makes skin soft and smooth.
* Works on acne scars and pigmentation.
* Protects skin from pollution and environmental damage by forming a thin barrier.
* Very good ingredients list, all of which deliver essential nutrients and vitamins to skin and help in brightening as well.

What I don’t like?

* Slightly expensive.

Would I recommend?


Would I repurchase?

No. There are lot of facial oils available nowadays and I would like to try other variants and brands.

Value for money?

Slightly on the expensive side.

Availability: You can buy online from here or here

IBeautySpy Rating: 4.5/5

Gulnare Goddess Rose Gold Elixir surely makes you glow like a goddess. It not only gives glowing, radiant skin but also repairs and protects skin. Considering the ingredients list, I would say it is real food for skin as it contains the vital nutrients and vitamins. Add a touch of luxury to your beauty ritual with this facial oil. If you can afford this beauty, do give it a try!

That’s all for today, folks! See you in a new post!

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  1. Sonali

    Loved your detailed review. All Gulnare products seem to be good except the price point ????. But since they are 100% organic, price will be higher then others.

  2. khadija beauty

    Wow this looks really good. And yeah i didn’t know there’s something called dry oil too

  3. Rashmi

    Amazing review dear

  4. Aisha

    I liked the weekly update part! So helpful 🙂

  5. Bhawna D.

    If something can reduce my post acne pigmentation then I would love to give it a shot 😀


    Gulnare sounds cool and awesome…loved the review….your reviews are awesome…:))

    P.S: Hey dear are you…sorry I missed many of your detailed post..but this time I have come back with a bang..:D..:D..I have kind of redesigned my blog dear. I would invite you to visit my page and motivate me….love love from Soma

  7. Bhumika

    That tip about applying dry oils is super amazing! Will incorporate with my current facial oils. ????

  8. Shilpa Bindlish

    this oil seems a magical product. i too love facial oils as they hydrate my skin so well.

  9. Madhumita
  10. Jyoti pandit

    You must check the gulnare product expiry date ..i received a very old product of elixir roship oil it 2016/10 .. hate the service. Of gulnare products they had also given me the 2 bad pump 1 of facewash and 1 of toner .. really hated this
    Buying this much costly products nd facing this issues

    1. admin (Post author)

      oh, sad to hear that. You ordered from their website or Amazon?

  11. Parul

    Can I apply it after using vit c serum

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, you can use this after vit c serum.

  12. Richa

    The ingredients list sounds incredible..must try this one 🙂 Great review!

    1. admin (Post author)

      thank you 🙂


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