Plan With Me for 2021 – How To Plan And Organize Your New Year 2021 Productively For Success And To Achieve Your Dreams

Hi guys,

Hope you guys are doing fine. This year 2020 has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride and we have been together in this all this. For some of you this has been a dream year where many of your dreams have come true, for others it has been a nightmare what with coronavirus and one hell of shit. Whatever it is, we think all of us have got lot of relaxation this year due to WFH and coronavirus and we have learnt to enjoy our home.

So let’s also use this time to get a new diary for ourselves and plan our new year 2021 so that everything can happen in an organized manner. Buying a diary is an annual ritual for us. We always buy a diary towards the end of December. A diary can help improve your life so much as you keep track and progress of everything. If you go through our past year diaries, we can see how much we have done and enjoyed.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you wish to have a good diary is that, a diary should not focus on achieving, it should be on enjoying. No one wants to read a diary that is filled with stressful achievements, people want to read about enjoying and fun things, learn about all of the payroll issues you have to avoid.

So let’s unbox the diary that we have got. This is the Perfectly Planned 2021 diary. It has a pastel pink color and the cover has a cool workspace with a Macbook and a lot of cozy things. The diary is thick and the pages are all nice and bright which makes you want to use it again and again. There are lot of interesting worksheets and new pages and so many things for you guys to do. Also get yourself a nice beautiful pen. This is just to ensure you get the best experience out of the diary cum planner. So now let’s start.

Where to buy:

Fill In Your Personal Details:

Once you open the planner, you can see lot of cute stationary stickers on the left side to give you a fun mood. On the right side, there is a page for you to fill in your details ‘This belongs to’. It is like a bio-data form.

Use a good pen, choose what color you want, blue or black. Write down your name, email address, mobile number and emergency contact details.

Planner Guide:

Now as you flip the page, you will see a planner guide. This helps you to use the planner to the best of your capabilities. You get a clear idea about how to use this and how to make the most of this investment that you have made for yourself. This page offers you a idea about what to expect and how to go about things.

Yearly Goals:

Now we move on the Yearly section of the planner. Flip the page and you will come to the Yearly page in the diary. This is there for you to set goals and intentions for the year 2021. This is to ensure that you start the year on a positive note and you have everything setup ready to face the new year.

Gratitude Section for 2020:

Its always good to start the new year while reviewing your past year with gratitude. We do understand that past year 2020 had not been the best year for many of you guys. Many of us have been relaxing and taking rest in our homes in our cozy beds and munching on some good food. And due to Coronavirus, people haven’t been able to travel or in general do what they love to do. But as we move on to the next year 2021, I want all of us to not look at the negative side at 2020, but the positive side of 2020. Like this year, many of us have had more time to spend with our families, friends, we had more time for ourselves and take much needed rest, relax, avoid traffic, less office work, etc, etc. I want you guys to think only about the positive things that happened in 2020, fill that in this gratitude section and start 2021 on a super positive note. So this is the first page we have in the Yearly section of the planner.

Goals 2021:

Flip the page and the next section is Goals 2021. This is the place where you can set goals for this year 2021. You need to set overall goals for the year. Here the goals are divided into 4 sections – Career goals, Health goals, Finance goals and Self Care goals. I think all these goals put together would give you a holistic view of how your life would look in 2021. So I recommend you setup your goals for each of these sections in the right way.

Reading List 2021:

On the other side, we have a Reading List that I want you to keep filling as you proceed in through this year. Here in this page, we have a place for you to fill up the Title of the book, the date in which you read the book and your rating for the book. Now every book that you end up reading might not be amazing. We want you to mark the kind of rating that you would want to give, so that in future, you can use this as a reference if you wish to re-read some of your favorite books. Your rating system is highly valuable for feedback purpose. So you don’t have to fill this section right away but every time you are reading something throughout the year you can enter it here. At the end of the year, you will have an entire reading list to look back upon and think about what you have done in 2021.

Travel Bucket List 2021:

Travel Bucket List – well, we think its going to be unlikely that we are going to travel much in 2021 considering Coronavirus and lot of national problems. But I want this to be a space for manifestation wherein you write down any place that is on your travel wishlist. Start with something small and doable before you aim for big big places. Let this not be a random travel dream you have like, ‘I want to go to USA’, ‘I want to go to Australia’, ‘I want to go to Singapore’, but more like a planned and organized travel bucket list wherein you can say a complete reason for why you wish to visit a destination, you have done some bit of research about the place and it has fascinated you. While international travel might not open up in 2021, local travel might open up, so think about exploring our own country.

Experience Bucket List 2021:

So here in this section, we want you think about what kind of experiences you want to have this year – maybe you want to go for dinner in a 5-star restaurant, or maybe you want to experience a 5-star hotel stay, or have a pizza party with your close friends, or shop beauty products from a new online place, or get a expensive body massage, or redesign/decorate your home, or maybe you want to experience a love life/ married couples life, or talk and play more with your kids. So whatever experiences you wish to have this year, things that you have not done in the past, that is what we want you to write down in the Experience Bucket List section.

Habits to inculcate in 2021:

Next we have the Habits to inculcate in 2021 section. I want you think about all of the habits that you want to start following in this year. Habits that you have been chasing for a while – like waking up early, maybe you want to get track on your health and fitness, maybe you want to start a healthy diet program, whatever habits that you want to attract in your life in this year, this would be the page to write them down, so that throughout the year, whenever you come back to this page, you are reminded you have to follow these habits and you can track them here.

Vision Board:

The last section that we have in the Yearly Section of the planner is the Vision Board place. We want you to put up some pictures here of whatever you wish to attract. Of course, my recommendation is to put up a vision board for your room which is a more powerful method. But you can start a tiny one in a planner. So whenever you open the page, you feel more motivated to work towards your goal and future. You can put pictures of whatever you dream about – a modern luxurious apartment, a car, a modern kitchenette, a lavish meal, luxurious shopping items, tour pics, camping tents, well – even pics of friendship, love, couples, husband/wife, beautiful kids and teddy bears.

So this covers all of our Yearly Section pages. I hope this gives an idea of what you need to do to fill these sections. If you fill all these, you can definitely start your new year 2021 on a super positive note.

Monthly Section:

Now let’s move on to the Monthly Section of the planner. We have 12 Monthly pages, obviously for 12 months of the year. There’s January, there’s February, March and so on. Each of these monthly pages have their own beautiful artwork. Like January has a new year, new vibe theme artwork, July has a rainy theme artwork. They are all beautifully designed and I really want you to feel excited as you use the planner and begin the new year.

Plan The Month:

After this you move on to the Monthly Planning section. This in an overall monthly planner wherein you can setup your calendar for the month. You can start setup your agenda for January. There is Monday to Sunday. We have my own planning system for how we setup a month. If you guys want, we can share it you future posts. If you are excited about it, let us know in the comments. And below, we also a have a ‘Notes’ section where you can enter any notes for the month. And also we have a ‘Quote of the month’ section where I want you to think of one quote as a theme for the entire month, which will be the highlight for the month, which inspires you and which you want to focus on. You can write down the quote in this box. So each month has a Monthly Planning section. Fill this page when you are on 30-31st of the previous month. This is a mini project that I love doing every month.

After this we have a section for you to keep track of all of the important things that you have for each month. So we have a Birthdays Section, we have an Appointments Section, Travels Section and Events Section. Birthdays are things that you obviously want to remember for your friends, family, relatives, etc. Appointments are doctor appointments, client appointments, boss/manager appointments, etc, that are super important for you to meet this month. Travels are any personal or business or friends/family travels that you undertaking this particular month, And Events are events, parties, business events, tech events, social events, that you attend this month. It could be virtual events like webinars, skype meetings, zoom meetings or whatever. Or it could be real-time conferences, etc.

Monthly Goals:

Next, we have a section completely dedicated to your Monthly Goals. This page is for you to setup your Monthly Goals. At the beginning of every month, take this as a project and fill up this page with what you wish to achieve this month. Remember we filled up the Yearly Goals page. So go through that page, and think about which goal you want to achieve this month. And break that goal down into sub-goals and write them down here. The goal that you have chosen for the month should be something realistic and fitting your current situation. I feel like that this page is beautifully designed with cute little hearts on every line, there is a tiny little laptop at the end. It will actually make you want to setup your monthly goals in the best possible manner. It is designed in such a way that you would be motivated to actually come and write here.

Habit Tracker:

Next section we have is the Habit Tracker. This page is for you to track all of your habits. You can write down any habit that you want to pick up this month and then you can mark in the date calendar all the days that you could successfully complete the habit. And at the end of the month, you can go through this page and see out of 30 days in a month, how many days you were able to keep up with the habit. And it just gives you a lot more visibility about how you are doing, what you can do to improve the habit next month. So that’s about the habit tracker.

Mood Tracker:

On the other side, we have the Mood Tracker. Now mood tracker is something that I think is very very important. Because we all have mood cycles, specially women, ‘coz we tend to have hormonal cycles every month. We tend to feel low some days, we tend to feel amazing some days. So I want us to track this and see whether our productivity was affected ‘coz of our mood. And in case it is getting affected, there are things that we can do to ensure that it doesn’t get affected badly. So we can probably consider meditating, we can consider leisure activities like playing games, shopping, etc, so that our mood doesn’t get affected badly. So in Mood Tracker page, we have 5 mood elements, and there are days that run for 1st to 31st and each day whatever you are feeling you can just color that and towards the end of the month you will get a graph for how your mood cycles was for the entire month. I would recommend you to get some crayons or sketch pens to color these mood elements for each day.

Water Tracker:

Below that, we have the Water Tracker section. Here we track how many glasses of water or how many litres of water you had on that particular day. Its very clean and simple. If you think you have a recurring problem of not drinking enough water, it is just one of these sections, that can be very informative for super busy people to keep track of their water intake daily.

Expense Tracker:

After this, we have the Expense Tracker section. Now this is also really important for you to keep track of the expenses that you make every month. Here you can write down the dates, and the description (that is any particular expense you incurred that month), you can write whether it a credit/debit. You can also write down your salary income for the month, your rent that was paid out, electricity bill that was paid out, water bill that was paid out. It can just be one place to document out everything. A lot of people also want to use apps for such things, like to keep track of your expenses, but many people are pen and paper type, and yeah, the traditional writing it down way of pen and paper is still awesome! It would just keep you accountable for your money and to keep a note of your major expenses and income for the month. And when you look back at this monthly pages you can get a clear idea of how you have spent your money that particular month. You can write down only your major expenses and essentials, not all your tiny payments.

Meal Planner Section:

Next is the Meal Planner Section. This is going to be the core/main/v.v.important activity that you will be doing in the diary this year. We have 5 sheets for meal planning, one for each week of the month. When the month starts, take the first sheet and it has days from Monday to Sunday. You can plan your meals for the first week of the month here. Thereafter at the beginning of each week, we would like to you fill this. There’s also a little space in every sheet to plan out your groceries for the week, so when you are going for grocery shopping, you can just take a picture of this page and take it along with you. Or if you are ordering groceries online from the comfort of your home, you can just refer this page and add them to your shopping cart. Now you can be sure that you are eating the right kinda things with the right kinda groceries. So we have 5 dedicated pages for this, one page dedicated to each week of the month.

Weekly Pages:

Then we move on to the Weekly Pages. This is essentially your weekly planning section, two pages, back to back are dedicated to one week. So what you can do is start out by planning your weekly goals. There’s a Weekly Goals box in the left side. You write down all your goals that you want to setup for this week. After this, there’s Monday – Sunday todo list boxes. In each of these boxes, you can write your todo list tasks for the day. When you are planning todo tasks, make sure you create tasks that you ensure you are achieving your weekly goals 🙂 . This is the best design ever to plan your todo tasks for the day. We have been following this system for the past 3 years and we can really move a lot of things, progress on a lot of goals by working like this. So follow this system regularly, it is really effective. We have 5 pages for this activity. So we have one spread for every week.

Monthly Reviews:

Only the Weekly Section is over, we have something called as the Monthly Reviews section which is another section that I want you to fill out at the end of every month so that you can sit back and review how your month was like. There are specific month review questions that I want you to answer, so you can understand what you did well this month, what you didn’t do well, and it gives you a lot of clarity on what you can do to improve the next month slightly better than the one month that just went by. So yeah, that’s the last section we have in the Monthly Section page. This Monthly Section repeats for every month, February, March, etc.

So, well, that is what this planner has to offer. Apart from being a really pretty planner (the design is really pretty, its amazing, its beautiful to look at), its also a really good sort of thing to have in your stationery collection, I think its also really functional. If used well, it can give you very good results. So make sure you get the best out of your planner/diary 2020. Alright, so this gives you a complete idea of what to expect out of 2020 and you will a fantastic diary with lot secretive/exciting content by the end of the year.

The link to buy the diary is given at the starting of the post.

I was so excited about this and sharing this post with you early guys. We would like to get your feedback on how much you like this post and how much it was useful to you. Also check us out on Instagram here.

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