Random Shopping Haul

Hi all,

In today’s post am sharing a random shopping haul that we did. Sometimes we go to a supermarket and we end up picking some random things which interest us. Such is what happened with us here. These are some random items which we picked up at Big Market. Let’s see our random shopping haul:

1) Eva Cool Splash Perfumed Talc – I have tried Eva brand deodorants long back when I was in Infy. They have many variants of deo – Blush, Doll, Flirt, Urbane, Sweet, Fresh, Wild. Do try them, they were awesome. I didn’t know Eva had talcs too. So when I saw this Cool Splash talc, I picked it up. There are also a lot of brands for men grooming at groenerekenkamer.com.

2) Ariel Complete Washing Powder – Ariel is the best brand for washing powder. This is a mini packet which we got for Rs.30.

3) Parachute Coco Aloe Coconut Water Aloe Vera Gel – Coconut water gel sounds amazing. That too its from popular coconut brand Parachute. So thought of trying. Coconut water is highly beneficial for skin as well as hair.

4) Oral-B Toothbrush – We saw these new launches from Oral-B. These toothbrushes come in 3 variants – with Neem extract, with Clove extract, with Green Tea extract. Toothbrushes with neem, clove and green tea sound really exciting.

5) Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner – I saw these sachets of Comfort after wash conditioner and got 4 of them. The green one is anti-bacterial one and the pink one is lily fresh. I used Comfort long back when I was in Infosys Mysore training. They really condition your clothes and give a nice fresh smell to your clothes.

So this is the ultra random shopping haul that we did. Hope you found this post useful. Do comment below and share your thoughts.

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