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Online games have improved and come a long way from the usual type of simple and easy patterns in the recent years. The improvement in the selection of characters and storylines has played a pivotal role in helping getting more users interested in online games. is one such reliable website for all kinds of games I have across recently.

A lot of improvements have taken place in graphic capabilities and UI shows lot of choices and as a result, you can see now many unexpected changes in the levels of action. Also many games provide a way to save your progress work, so you can continue from that level to next level. Level games are the newest way to improve your mind skills, remembering skills,  mental maths abilities are more than maths, spatial skills and focusing skills. 

I myself enroll myself in some games (I choose them to according to my taste and with a reason) and save my progress and thereby reached various levels in many games. 

It becomes very difficult for people to pass their time especially they do not have enough work to do during the long home stay. And, reaching out for the fun choices of games at home is heaven for most humans. Nowadays there are games for every age group. Generally it’s meant for 18+ age groups. 18-24 years, 25-30 year groups, 30-45 year groups and for more seniors too. Long back people used to call their neighbors and close friends to play and have fun together. 

If you are struggling such a phase, or seeking the reliable fun choices, website is a wonderful choice to reach out to. We can say that these sources are capable enough to entertain you while bringing you closer to the countless learning opportunities and that too, without spending a single penny. Yes, checking out modern games also comes as a great way to help the users to boost their knowledge and brain power. 

Let’s discuss here how these games are proving of the great and valuable source to those who want to enjoy sitting at home:

1. Online Games Help Release the Tension

No matter whether you are a kid of 5-7 years old, a 13-15 teenager or a grown up of 35-40 years old, these games can entertain you for hours. There is no need to hide your fun instincts when you get all your desired excitement in just a few clicks. If you do not believe our words, kindly go through a reliable online game portal like to keep you busy for long. Also this will help save money if you are a dependent on your father. 

2. Play games online on multiple devices without downtown. 

3. Wider choices of free online games

Right from the fine variety of cricket games, action-packed games, adventure games and arcade challenges to the fabulous range of doctor games, makeup games, beauty games and other girls games ? it covers a lot.

4. Enjoy different characters in free games

You as a gamer can play the role of your favourite cricket player, become a popular soccer player, or join a fighting challenge and enjoy the feeling of a true action hero. Hey! There is no shortage of the games where girls can see themselves as a doctor, makeup artist, fashion stylist or someone else.

We are going to review two games from here which is our favorite and which we tried and played. 

Animal Sequence:

This is a animals pattern matching sequence game. You have to move the tiles and match them. There are 12 levels in this. See if you can catch all the 12 loops. 


There is a Barbie Memory Matching game where there are flip cards and you need to match them. I played all 3 levels in it.

Math game Equalz:

To test and improve your Math knowledge, match numbers to reach the given total. I Passed with flying colors ✈️ in that. 

Blink memory game:

This game challenges you to memorize a sequence of numbers within 3 seconds. Type as many number sequences as you can remember correctly can. 

Ben 10 Match Up Cards Games:

Match as many cards as you can. 

Final words, These free online games can serve your multiple entertainment purposes, while educating you about something important, on the other hand. Good luck! So do try your hands at it. 

So Plan with me for 2022 to setup a routine that involves playing useful games to improve your skills and other home activities and house tasks in your routine to learn new skills.

* Disclosure:- this is a collaborative post

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