Beauty Favorites of 2018 | Best Beauty Buys in 2018

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2018 is finally coming to an end! Just few more days to go and we would step into a new year. So I thought of doing a round up of all my beauty favorites and best beauty buys in 2018. Most of these products are suitable for all skin types and these are my recommendations if you are looking to buy new beauty products for the coming new year. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved drafting it ????. For detailed review of each product given below, click on the links of individual products. So here it is! Check out my hand picked recommendations of best Indian products in each category for the year 2018.



Best Cleansing Oil of 2018

Roots & Herbs Nutritive Argan Facial Cleanser
I started double cleansing this year (yayyyy! ????), but I don’t prefer Korean brands cleansing oils. This one from Roots & Herbs is 100% natural, organic and has an amazing ingredients list. Please check my detailed review in link above. It also smells relaxing.

Best Cleanser of 2018

Enn’s Closet Wipe Out Chlorophyll Facial Cleanser
Enn’s Closet is a new brand that I came across in 2018 and liked very much. This is a deep cleanser which clears out clogged pores and prevents acne and breakouts.

Best Powder Cleanser of 2018

Organique Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Another good thing that I started this year. I have been regularly using powder cleansers in 2018 and this one from Organique is very gentle and soft on the skin.

Best Toner of 2018

Plum Goodness Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Nutri-plenish Face Mist
I didn’t have much expectations when I purchased this. I just thought it to be a regular face mist. But it turned out to be amazing. Do try it once.

Best Serum of 2018

Tjori Night Skin Repair Elixir
I received this in Fab Bag. I didn’t expect much from this brand as the packaging was quite simple. But this serum really showed super effects on my skin, clearing up pigmentation, scars and giving even skin tone.

Best Day Cream of 2018

Suganda White Lotus Moisturizer
My highly recommended moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Best Night Cream of 2018

Imiana House IMBOTOX Anti Aging Moisturizer
For those looking for 100% natural anti-aging treatment.

Best Face Scrub of 2018

Ilana Organics Energizing Shell Scrub Walnut & Plum
Gives a clarity to your skin like nothing else. Highly recommended for those looking to achieve glass skin.

Best Face Pack of 2018

Suganda Neem Green Tea Face Pack
All in one rounder – works on acne, blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, removing tan, brightening and what not 😀

Best Sheet Mask of 2018

Krishkare Clarify Sheet Mask
This Indian brand has a great collection of sheet masks. The ingredients list of these sheet masks are quite unique. Please please check it out on Nykaa. This Clarify variant is green in color and good for oily skin.

Best Facial Oil of 2018

Roots & Herbs Pomegranate Kaya Kalp Elixir
Illuminates your skin like moon ????

Best Sunscreen of 2018

O3+ Mattifying Gel Cream SPF 50
Haven’t tried many different sunscreens this year. This was the only good among the few I tried. Doesn’t leave any white cast, no greasiness or stickiness.

Best Lip Balm of 2018

Aroma Essentials Lemon & Mint Lip Balm
A dash of citrusy lemon with cooling mint! Feels amazing when applied. Chilling on the lips. Ooooooh.. ☺. And moisturization is awesome. I wouldn’t even call this a lip balm. More like a lip treatment. Your lips will feel super soft and supple.

Best Under Eye Serum of 2018

Juicy Chemistry Prickly Pear & Tamanu Eye Serum
The best ever launch of 2018 for people like me who spend their entire day in front of computer screens. Don’t even ask why! Obviously, to prevent aging caused due to stress and strain. This is filled with antioxidants and vitamins and comes in roller ball form.

Best Body Oil of 2018

Love Organically Mogra Luminous Glow Bath Oil
100% natural, organic and has a lovely scent of jasmines. Doesn’t feel heavy unlike other oils.

Best Body Lotion of 2018

Natural Bath & Body Vanilla Butternut Body Latte
Didn’t use much of body lotions this year. But out of those I used, this was very good. Those who like vanilla scent will love it.

Best Body Butter of 2018

Juicy Chemistry Sweet Orange & Vanilla Body Butter
I can’t do justice to this product by writing a single line here. Will write a detailed review of it soon. But this is one product from Juicy Chemistry you should definitely try.

Best Hand & Foot Cream of 2018

Omorfee Melting Hand Moisturizer
Very good ingredients list. Check it out on Nykaa. You can grab it in 35% discount.

Best Soap of 2018

Juicy Chemistry Cucumber Green Tea & Spearmint Soap
My most favorite soap this year. So refreshing and awakening. I even used on my face regularly. Prevents acne and clears up clogged pores.

Best Shower Gel of 2018

Bon Organics Wild & Creamy Rose Body Wash
Feels like Cleopatra Rose Bath 😀 . Such a wonderful, fresh scent of bouquet of roses.

Best Hair Oil of 2018

Aroma Essentials Hair Therapy Oil
Helped a lot in hair growth and making my hair denser and thicker.

Best Hair Mask of 2018

Aroma Essentials Banana & Coconut Milk Hair Mask
This is the only silicone-free product that keeps my dry, frizzy hair in check. No need to go to hair spas when you have this.

Best Shampoo of 2018

Organikare Neem & Papaya Shampoo
SLS/SLES free, lathers and cleanses well, doesn’t dry out hair, controls hairfall, gives healthy hair in long run.

Best Leave In Hair Cream of 2018

Organikare Strawberry & Rose Hair Pudding
A light, fluffy leave in conditioner which doesn’t weigh down hair.

Best Unique Product of 2018

Sand for Soapaholics After Glow Face Cleanser
I call this unique because this is neither a face wash nor a powder cleanser. It comes in a very thick, dry paste form. You need to mix it with some water to make it spreadable and use. I quite like this new concept. And it gives a glow truly as claimed.

Best New Brand Explored in 2018

I found a new concept called Shower Box in Vert’s website. They had a trial offer wherin first time you get the box at a very affordable price. I don’t think the offer is there now. I got 3 shower gels – Coconut Milk, Apple Blossom Mint & Verbena in the subscription box. I really liked them as they were gentle and soft on skin. The coconut milk one is my favorite as it helped in removing tan and brightening skin as well.

Best Fragrance of 2018

Puresense Macadamia Soothing Body Mist
I didn’t explore much fragrances this year. I won this in a contest and liked it very much. The scent is hard to describe. I don’t know how macadamia nut smells like. But this body mist is somewhat woody and nutty.

There ends my Best Beauty Buys of 2018. Do share your favorites too. And if you have any questions about any of these products, you can mail me at ????

Have a lovely New Year!

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