What’s In My Mail – April Edition

Hi all,
A new month and here is a new edition of What’s In My Mail. If you are new to my blog, please check my previous months’ posts on this series to know more about it. Click here. Basically I unbox everything that arrived in my mail the former month – stuff that I ordered, PR packages, gifts, contest prizes etc. So let’s start today’s post. Here is all what came in my mail in the month of April.




Nykaa order:

First package is my order from Nykaa. I was using the Puresense Macadamia Nut Shampoo which got over. I was looking to buy another shampoo and had researched some options on Nykaa and kept. Then I saw Nykaa having a flash sale one day on the brand Omorfee. There was a free travel kit worth Rs.1195 on purchase above Rs.1200. There were 5 deluxe-sized products in the travel kit and considering Omorfee is a high-end brand and their shampoo was one of my wishlisted items I decided to make use of the offer. I got the Omorfee Intense Moisture Hair Wash as I have dry hair and it contains macadamia nut oil. Since my previous Puresense shampoo was also macadamia nut based, I thought I could compare the two. The free travel kit came in a cute transparent zip pouch with a travel picture on one side. I think this is such a good deal. Also, do you see the bamboo wood cylindrical packaging with a ribbon closure in the pic? The shampoo was housed in that 😀 . Omorfee is a ISO, GMP, Ecocert, BDIH, USDA, EU Assessed and Health Canada Certifed organic brand.

1. Omorfee Intense Moisture Hair Wash with Macadamia, Shea oil and Banana extracts (sounds so good!)
Omorfee Travel Kit (Freebie) containing the following:
2. Omorfee Pure Bulgarian Rose Water
3. Omorfee Facial Moisturizer with Argan oil, Willow Bark
4. Omorfee Body Wash with Patchouli, Almond oil
5. Omorfee Body Moisturizer with Shea butter, Wheatgerm oil
6. Omorfee Hair Wash with Aloe vera, Lemon oil



Greenie Mill order:

Second package is my Greenie Mill order. Greenie Mill was having a 50% discount sale as part of their first birthday celebration. This brand was on my wishlist for a long time and I heard so many good reviews from fellow bloggers. I thought this was the right time to try it. These are what I ordered:

1. Greenie Mill Sleep Time Lactic Lavender Body Butter (2):
I got this ‘coz I was running out of body butter and I needed one. I chose this for two main reasons – one I love lavender scent, it puts me to sleep like anything ????. And second, it contains lactic acid which is an AHA to provide gentle exfoliation and brightening of skin. This also seemed affordable after the discount. So I ordered two of them.
2. Greenie Mill Rejuvenating and Nourishing Hair Oil:
I oil my hair regularly, so decided to try this one. It contains 26 herbs and 13 exotic carrier oils. Sounds amazing for hair growth!
3. Greenie Mill Sea Buckthorn Green Tea and Tulsi Gel Moisturizer:
I needed a light gel-based moisturizer for summers and decided to try this since it was on 50% sale. It has some fantastic ingredients seriously. I will share review soon.
4. Greenie Mill Carrot Cleansing Balm (Freebie):
I got this sample as freebie with my order. Thanks Madhumitha for sending this ????.



Mystic Naturals PR Package:

Third package is a PR mail. Mystic Naturals is a new natural skin/hair care brand in the market. They have products with some amazing exotic ingredients. Do check out their site here. You would be tempted to try some of their products. The brand sent me some products as PR package for reviewing:

1) Mystic Naturals Spinach & Herbs 46 Ingredients Infused Hair Oil for Hair Growth & Root Strengthening
2) Mystic Naturals Kerala Coconut Butter & Moringa Hair Mask
3) Mystic Naturals Hexa Flowers Bath & Shower Oil with 6 Premium Flowers Infused
4) Mystic Naturals East Indian Sandalwood Water

All the above products look promising. I will be sharing the reviews soon. Thank you Mystic Naturals for sending across this lovely gift hamper.



Aroma Essentials Order:

Fourth package is my Aroma Essentials order. These are what I purchased:

1) Aroma Essentials Green Tea Sunblock SPF 30 – Last month the brand sent me this for reviewing. I loved it so much, so when it got over, I ordered. It does a brilliant job in protecting again sun tan. Check full review here.
2) Aroma Essentials Mint Eucalyptus Face Wash – This is a new launch by Aroma Essentials. Feels so refreshing for summers. Since my face wash got over, I bought this to try out.
3) Aroma Essentials Almond Exfo (sample freebie with my order ????)

Thuyaa PR Package:

Fifth package is another PR mail from the brand Thuyaa. I have ordered some of their products previously and also reviewed them on my Insta feed here and here. Now the brand sent me some new launches for trying out. These products are not yet launched in the market. She wanted me to test the final formulation before launching and give feedback. These are all what came in the PR package:

1) Thuyaa Charcoal Peppermint Tea Tree Face Wash
2) Thuyaa Bacuri & Passion Fruit Face Butter
3) Thuyaa Myrrh & Peppermint Shampoo

Thank you Thuyaa for trusting my reviews and sending me these products. All the 3 were really amazing and soon I will be posting on Insta.

Kshemya order:

Sixth package is my order from Kshemya. Its a new health and wellness brand on Insta.

1) Kshemya Rose & Vetiver Gut Coolant – This is a refreshing and cooling health drink for summers. Its a limited edition product and now it is sold out. But follow her page on Insta here as she launches special products for every season. I got this for health purpose to cool my stomach as its really hot at this time. This comes like a powdered mix to be infused in water. I will try to share a pic on Insta soon.

Rzizhi Contest Prize:

Seventh package is a contest prize from the brand Rzizhi. They had a contest on Insta which I won ???? . And I received the following as prizes:
1) Rzizhi Goblet of Wine Serum – I was eyeing this serum when it was launched. It contains some rare ingredients along with red wine. But it was pricey. Now I got it as a prize. Super happy!
2) Rzizhi Owner’s Toner – Sounds good for summers. Looking forward to try this too.
3) Rzizhi Mother Earth Clay Mask (sample) – contains 3 different kinds of volcanic clays, kaolin clay, charcoal, epsom salt, apple cider vinegar and a secret blend of essential oils.
4) Rzizhi Rub Rub Rub Dead Sea Salt Scrub (2 samples) – contains herbs, oils and 3 different types of salts. Above 2 samples are their cult bestsellers.

I have already tried some Rzizhi products in the past and loved it. Full review of all the products here. Thank you Rzizhi for sending across this amazing prize.

Love Organically order:

As I said, my body butters were running out. Apart from the ones from Greenie Mill, I also ordered one from Love Organically as there was a Buy 1 Get 1 offer. I mainly got this as I was getting some infection on my feet and I thought something with neem will help. And also its an organic certified brand.

1) Love Organically Neem & Calendula Body Butter (2 nos on BOGO offer)

These were all the packages that came in my mail last month. Hope you found this post interesting and found some new products helpful to you. If so, comment down your thoughts.

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  1. Sonali Patil

    OMG amazing stuff

  2. Anita Singh

    Omorfree ka shampoo to bahut accha dikh raha hai, plz bataiye ki kta ye hair fall bhi kam karta hai? Mere bhi dry, rough, thin n frizzy hairs hain, kya try karu?


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