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Rzizhi brand review was pending for long and many of you had requested for it. So here it is finally. For those who are new to Rzizhi, it is a beauty brand creating freshly made, customised, handmade organic skincare and haircare products. Their USP is that all their products contain the exotic ingredient – Dragon Blood Oil – a powerful Peruvian Jungle antioxidant. Does the name sound like a Harry Potter potion? ???? Well, I got intrigued when I heard about this thing and researched a bit online.

Dragon blood is the name given for an intensely red tree sap which oozes from the Croton lechleri tree when its trunk has been cut or injured. It’s native to the northwestern part of South America, primarily Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It grows at an astonishingly fast rate, up to 1 foot per month under the right conditions, reaching a mature height of up to 60 feet.

The dragon blood, which is known as Sangre de Grado in Peruvian Spanish, has reportedly been used for hundreds of years as an alleged herbal remedy for skin wounds, diarrhea, and other ailments. Just a single drop of dragon’s blood is equivalent to 2 lbs of raw kale or 3 apples worth of antioxidants. Now, that’s something, isn’t it? Elementary magic, dear Watson!

A very large Daemonorops draco dragon tree in the Canary Islands. Photo credit: Esculapio via Wikimedia Commons.

I haven’t come across any other beauty brand in India containing this dragon blood oil. So Rzizhi has taken the first step in it. Now let’s see the review of each product from the brand.

Rzizhi Lustre of Satin Body Butter:

Ingredients: Argan oil, Dragon blood oil, Pomegranate oil and blends of oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Gojji berry, Licorice extract, Raw honey, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, Preservative (0.2%)
Price: Rs.600
IBeautySpy spies:
Dreams are made of this body butter. I mean, just look at the wonderful ingredients list. It is the perfect, perfect blend for a body butter. I don’t want to list the individual benefits of each ingredient as that would make the post too long. But be sure that these are the like the most nourishing, nutrient-rich expensive oils and butters. The body butter has a nice fragrance due to the essential oils. Somewhat refreshing and sweet scent. Has a beige color. The texture is smooth and creamy. Your skin will absorb all the goodness of it immediately and will feel like velvety satin. Can be used by all skin types and during all seasons. Its not too light, nor too heavy. Most of the body butters in the market are just a blend of butters and oils. But this contains herbs like gojji berry, licorice as well which will improve your skin tone in the long run. Incorporate Rzizhi Lustre of Satin Body Butter in your routine if you want a lustrous satiny even-toned skin. It has a lesser shelf life being a natural product, so I store it in the refrigerator. And using it chilled in summers feels so good on skin. Definitely recommend this product. I have repurchased it already.

Rzizhi Elixir Facial Oil:

Ingredients: Pure Argan and Walnut oil blended with other oils and infused with herbs, Dragon Blood oil, Essential oils.
Price: Rs.600
IBeautySpy spies:
This facial oil is pure gold for your skin. Believe me, it is more powerful than any other anti-aging serum in the market. It literally erased the fine lines on my forehead like magic. And improved elasticity and suppleness of skin. Makes skin soft, nourished and gives a superb glow. Skin feels healthy like never before. I bought this mainly for strengthening my skin barrier. And this worked beautifully in that aspect. Your skin will feel more resilient, flexible and decreased sensitivity (yes, sensitive skin people note it). The fragrance is similar to the Lustre of Satin body butter. Refreshing and slightly sweet. Looks orange in color. It is a slightly heavy oil, just two drops will be good enough for a use. I was using this all through the winter months of Nov, Dec and Jan. Which was the main reason for keeping my skin soft and nourished in the dry weathers of Bangalore. Now since it is summers, I would recommend using it only once or twice a week when you do your facial routine. In winters, you can use daily, morning and night. Price is reasonable considering the quantity you get and you need only 2 drops each time. Highly recommended by me as you definitely need skin barrier strengthening products in your routine. Thanks a lot to the founder of Rzizhi for such an amazing product.

Rzizhi Pout With Me Lip Balm:

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Dragon Blood oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E oil
Price: Rs.100
IBeautySpy spies:
Not just your skin and eyes that needs antioxidants. But lips too. Use antioxidant rich dragon blood oil lip balm to heal your dry and chapped lips. It looks slightly pinkish in color but doesn’t leave any tint on lips. The texture is buttery and glides on your lips. Makes your lips smooth and soft. Prevents dryness. Heals chapped and cracked lips. Fragrance similar to body butter. Can be used as a primer before lipstick. Affordable. Definitely worth a try.

Rzizhi Lustfully Yours Cocoa Body Butter:

Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate (90%)
Price: Rs.600
IBeautySpy spies: This is one of their new launches. It contains real 90% dark chocolate. The texture is exactly like chocolate mousse and smells like dark chocolate too. Not too strong. But mild and tempting. Gives a nice sheen to your skin on applying. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, protects skin from UV damage, gives nourishment and glow and helps reduce tan as well. Don’t keep this anywhere where others can see. They are going to lust over it! Another recommendation from me.

Rzizhi Speaks Volume 56 Herbs Hair Oil:

Ingredients: Argan oil, Olive oil, Nigella seed (kalonji) oil, Herbs blended with coconut oil, Hibiscus, Curry leaves, Essential oils
Price: Rs.500
IBeautySpy spies:
Just like the Elixir Facial Oil above is a skin barrier strengthening product, this is a hair strengthening product. It works wonderful for hairfall. I experienced literally zero hairfall after using this. I was no more seeing fallen hair strands on floor or bathroom. Argan and walnut oil are both rich in vitamins and fatty acids which work from within to strengthen your hair follicles. The oil looks brown in color and has a herbal smell. Has medium thick consistency. It also adds shine and lustre to your hair. And look at it, it contains 56 herbs! All the goodness your hair is getting. I already repurchased two bottles. Highly recommended for healthy hair.

Rzizhi Toothy Grin Toothpowder:

Ingredients: Volcanic Clay, Baking Soda, Himalayan Pink Salt, Activated Charcoal, Alum, Stevia Leaf Powder, Essential Oils
Price: Rs.250
IBeautySpy spies:
This is my first experience using a tooth powder. And its pretty good, I have to say! People can try here for the best dentist options.  I use this every night before bedtime. I feel it cleanses teeth well than normal tooth pastes. Also leaves behind a fresh spearmint taste in the mouth. With regular use, I have noticed my gums are more healthy and stronger. My gums used to bleed sometimes while brushing since I wear braces. Now am not facing that issue. The only con is that it stains your toothbrush and washbasin black due to the charcoal. The ingredients choice is so good – volcanic clay, himalayan pink salt, charcoal, alum are all deep cleansing agents. And there is slight sweetness due to addition of stevia leaf powder ????. Would recommend this too!

Availability: You can DM on Instagram here or Facebook page here to place your order

There ends my review of Rzizhi products. Hope it was helpful to you. Overall, the brand has really high quality products. So do try them. As for me, I feel like magical Hermione using stuff with dragon blood oil! Hope I get a wand soon! ????????????

I have some products from them which I haven’t yet used like Goblet of Wine Red Wine Serum, Owner’s Toner and samples of Rub Rub Rub Salt Scrub and Mother Earth Clay Mask. I will review them in Part 2. Subscribe to my blog through email so that you get notified then. Bye for now!

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    This brand is on my wishlist

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  3. Shreya

    Hey! Their elixir serum and amrutam 24k is same? Pls review mother clay mask soon. Been thinking to get it, but I really find you reviews genuine so would love to get your feedback before investing in it.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi, the elixir serum and aurum 24k are different serums. Elixir is richer and for dry skin. Aurum 24k is lighter and will suit all skin types.

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    Dragon blood oil!!! Oh I need this right away 🙂


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