Review of Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream

Foot creams and hand creams are one of the products that I can’t live without. My hands and feet are always dry and I feel they are the first parts to show signs of aging. Hands develop wrinkles over time and feet become darker and you develop cracked heels. Look at a person’s hand or foot and they show either the signs of aging immediately or else how much a person takes care of themselves. I once went for a pedicure session and the beautician there commented at how my feet was so good, there was no dead cells to exfoliate! I laughed and told her that I do regular pedicure sessions at home. So I got Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream last winter to take care of my dry foot. Let’s see how well it fares on me.




Product Claims

Rich in nourishing Shea Butter, this foot cream with natural soothing ingredients moisturizes and helps relieve the feeling of tired feet. Its also helps relieve foot pain. It is an effective formula that softens and renews foot skin to prevent cracks and splits. Feet are left feeling noticeably softer and smoother.


Olive oil, sunflower oil, bees wax, aloe vera, shea butter, mint oil, alum, camphor, ginger oil, vitamin E


Rs.450 for 100g.



IBeautySpy spies

I have used other products from Fuschia and reviewed them here. Since I loved all their products, I had high expectations from this foot cream as well.

Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream is a white colored cream with thick consistency. It has a invigorating fragrance of mint. Since I love mint based products, I liked this too.

I apply Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream twice a day as instructed. It instantly moisturizes my feet and keeps it soft, smooth and healthy. It does not feel greasy or sticky after application and gets absorbed quickly. The fresh mint fragrance refreshes your feet and also keeps odors at bay. But it does not give any soothing or relaxing sensation as I expected due to the presence of peppermint oil. Maybe mint oil is present in low quantities only. Make sure to relax your muscles while applying the cream so that it evenly gets spread all over the foot.

Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream can heal low to medium cracks in the foot. But if you are suffering from severe cracks, this won’t work. Also if you have extremely dry feet, it might not work. It’s not as moisturizing as a body butter. I wish Fuschia come up with a body butter too soon.

The ingredients list seem really impressive. Olive oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, vitamin E are all good moisturizing agents. Aloe vera hydrates the feet. Mint oil, alum, camphor and ginger oil refreshes the feet.




Does it satisfy its claims?

Almost. But does not work for severe cracked foot.

What I like

* Paraben free.
* Silicone free
* Cruelty free.
* Made in India.
* Impressive natural ingredients list.
* No greasiness, gets absorbed quickly.
* Keeps foot moisturized, hydrated and healthy.
* Makes feet soft and smooth.
* Refreshing scent of mint oil which prevents odors.
* Can heal low to medium cracks in foot.

What I don’t like

* Expected a relaxing, soothing sensation due to the present of peppermint. But didn’t experience any, might be due to low quantities of mint oil.
* Not for extremely dry feet.
* Contains beeswax – not a vegan product. I wish they substitute this with some other vegan product.

Would I recommend?

Yes, definitely.

Would I repurchase?

Am not sure. Am currently trying to switch to a vegan skincare routine, but this contains bees wax ????

Value for money?

It’s a mid range product. Fuschia products are available on sale most of the times of the year. So you can get it at even 30-50% discount. So I feel its worth the money.

Availability: You can buy online from here or here

IBeautySpy Rating: 4.5/5

If you love treating your feet to the goodness of natural ingredients, then definitely give this Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream a try. Its one of the best foot creams available in the market. Its not a must-have, but a good-to-have product 🙂

That’s all folks! See you with more reviews…

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  1. Sonali

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    sounds decent, nicely reviewed 🙂

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      Thank you Aditi 🙂

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    Nice and honest review 🙂 Never tried this one , seems good 🙂

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    Their products are really good …. Nicely reviewed

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    Nicely reviewed. I love Fuschia products

  6. Simran Bansal

    Sounds good..I was actually looking for a foot cream for mom.

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      Do give it a try. Am sure your mom will love it 🙂

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    I love Fuschia products . As i don’t have any problem with beeswax i might give this a try . nice review .

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    Honestly reviewed. Am also using it. Nice one.

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    I’m going to try this! 🙂

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      Do try and share your experience with it 🙂

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    Hmm! Vegan Skin care routine! Sounds nice 🙂


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