Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream and Arabian Jasmine Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Today, I will introduce you to a new beauty startup – Fuschia by Vkare – and which is proving to be awesome. The brand offers handmade, natural, cruelty-free and vegan products. All their products are free from parabens and SLS. I won some of their products in a contest and will be reviewing them one by one in upcoming posts. Here, I will review their Garden Lavender Day Cream and Arabian Jasmine Anti-Ageing Night Cream.



The packaging of the products are unique, since its handmade. The products come in a simple transparent tub. The tubs were housed inside a colorful string pouch as you can see in the images. Inside the pouch, there were two cards. One card listing its claims and other card listing the ingredients and directions of use. I like this creative packaging as it adds a “fully handmade touch” to the product.

Garden Lavender Day Cream: Rs.525 for 50g.
Arabian Jasmine Anti-Ageing Night Cream: Rs.675 for 50g.
You can the combo online from here at a discounted price.

My experience:
Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream SPF-15:
The cream is white in color and has a thick consistency. It has a mild and pleasant floral fragrance of lavender. The thick consistency makes it difficult to spread on a dry face. I would suggest you to apply the cream immediately before your toner dries out completely. Now, I would like to share my experience with this day cream in two different cities ????. In Bangalore, I don’t find it moisturizing enough. Also I work in an A/C environment all day. This day cream was not sufficient. So I added some aloe vera gel to the cream every time and the results have been very good. When I went to my hometown Chennai, owing to the humidity there, my face is always damp, so I just apply the cream directly and its enough. 😀


Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti-Ageing Night Cream:
Who wouldn’t love to go to bed with a nice, sensual fragrance of jasmines? Well, I wouldn’t! I have used jasmine hair oils in the past and they give me a headache. Also keeping jasmine flowers in my hair gives an even bigger headache. So I was a little afraid to try this at first. But the jasmine fragrance is very mild in the cream and I enjoy using it. The cream is non-oily, gets easily absorbed and gives a matte finish. It does leave a whitish cast if you apply more. But its a night cream anyway, so I don’t bother. Again, for Bangalore weather, the moisturisation was not sufficient and I mixed with aloe vera gel before applying. But for Chennai weather, both the creams are perfect.


Now, I had a little strange experience with both the creams. Initially, when I started using them, I didn’t see any effects. No instant softness or glow like in usual day and night creams. I lost my trust in the products but still continued using them. After around 10 days, I could see visible differences. The day cream made my skin soft like never before with a healthy glow. The night cream helped to lighten pigmentation and spots and gave a clearer complexion. I was amazed at the results. Then, I was travelling for sometime and didn’t carry them during travel. So I stopped using them for a while. Later, when I began to use them again, I faced the same thing. No results at all initially. It took around a week to show improvements. I guess being a natural product it takes time to work, unlike other creams which give an instant softness due to presence of silicones. But with continued usage, I have got the best results from these creams ever. Also, I would like to suggest one more tip. Scrub your face atleast thrice a week while using these. I feel these thick creams are easier to spread on a smooth skin and work more effectively then.

Does it satisfy its claims?

Now coming to its claims, the day cream claims to fight acne. I don’t think so, as I got few pimples, but it didn’t help anyway.
It also claims to keep skin supple, light and radiant and that’s 100% true.
And yes, due to its deep moisturising properties, it helps to prevent fine lines and ageing.

The night cream claims to clarify skin, and yes that’s true. My skin was clarified and spots were lightened.
However, its anti-ageing claims are not true. Its not emollient enough. Its too light and matte and more suitable for people in their twenties.

What I like:
* The day cream makes my skin soft and supple with a natural, healthy glow.
* The night cream helps to clarify skin and lighten spots and blemishes.
* Mild natural fragrance.
* Handmade.
* Free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum base, artificial tints and synthetic perfumes.
* Creative, handmade packaging.

Suggestions for improvements:
* Brand can come up with creams for different skin types. Both products suited my combination skin perfectly in Chennai. But Bangalore weather makes my skin dry and I had to mix with aloe vera gel. Also, I don’t think these creams will suit oily, acne-prone skin types.
* Night cream is not anti-ageing. Its more of a clarifying or lightening cream. The name should be changed, else its misleading.

Would I recommend?
Yes, definitely. Fuschia Garden Lavender Day Cream and Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti-Ageing Night Cream are suitable for all skin types except oily, acne-prone skin. Dry skin people can mix with aloe vera gel or rose water for more moisturization. I would advise to try them both at the same time for more effective results. Being a natural product, it works slowly than usual creams, so you need to be consistent and patient. The price might seem expensive, but one tub lasted me for around 2.5 months. And its worth to invest this in a natural, paraben-free product. Your skin will thank you for it.

Would I repurchase?
Yes, definitely.

Availability: You can buy online from here

IBeautySpy Rating: 4.6/5

Finally, I have to say, am just lucky I stumbled across Fuschia brand and won the products in a contest. I will post reviews of more Fuschia products soon and also write a post on why go paraben-free and SLS-free.


  1. Ankita

    Fushcia products are really worth it . Even I love all their products .
    Nice post

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, I love their products. I will be posting more reviews of Fuschia soon…

      1. Dabangglady

        I love fuschia products too.I love ur reviews.As my skin is super sensitive so ur review will help me to buy products????????

        1. admin (Post author)

          Thank you for your encouragement… 🙂

  2. Unaiza

    Nicely reviewed, the small details always help.


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