Everyday Beauty Luxuries to Help You Through January

After the holiday bliss of fun, booze, and sparkly makeup, we’re shoved yet again into the world of early Mondays. While we slowly put away our Christmas decorations and get back to work, the world turns a little more grey again, a little more serious. We trudge through the cold, soggy January feeling a lot less excited about our New Year’s Resolutions than we did in December, and it’s far too easy to slip into that boredom and listlessness of winter.

Well, we won’t let that happen this year. To get a nice big mood lift and to inspire some great things, it’s time to treat yourself to a few beauty luxuries that will make this month more fun and thrilling. Want some ideas on what you can use? Read on.




Dewy foundation for a fresh look

A good dewy foundation is the best way to avoid cake-face. The Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Born This Way from Too Faced, or the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation are amazing in winter, but if you’re on a budget we recommend the Infallible Pro Glow from L’Oréal. Even if your skin is slightly oily, we’d still recommend a dewy over matte finish in winter, but use this setting powder trick if you’re really worried about oil control.

Serums with anti-aging benefits


This is the perfect time to infuse your skin with some anti-aging goodies, and there’s no better way to deliver active ingredients than by using serums. Pick a good serum, use it after you’ve cleansed and toned, and watch your skin transform as the days go by.

Upgrade your moisturizer

Winter is hard on our skin, so it’s really important to pick the best skincare products to moisturize and protect it from the cold weather. Something like the Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening Moisturizer Cream is a wonderful pick, especially if you’re looking to bring back some luminosity to your tired, dull skin.

Blush and bronzer for a summer glow


Rosy cheeks are a sign of health, and what better way to get that natural flush than by using a quality product? Old-school favourites like the Nars Orgasm blush or Milani’s Luminoso are perfect for this, and if you want to look even more fresh, use a bronzer as well. Bear in mind that, just like your foundation, winter might require you to use something a shade lighter so you wouldn’t end up looking like a pumpkin 😄.

Misting sprays for easy luxury

The Tatcha Luminous Skin Mist remains a cult favourite, but the misting spray doesn’t actually have to be expensive at all. Simple Fruttini Raspberry Cream Body Spray works wonderfully, and nothing beats that wonderful, luxurious feeling of spritzing a cloud of nicely-scented, hydrating body spray. Keep a bottle in your bag, and use it whenever you feel like your skin looks a little dull. The whole thing is so nice and soothing that you can do it several times a day if you like.

Under-eyes masks


With so little daylight in winter, it seems like we’re always feeling at least a little tired. But hey, now there’s a solution to those dark circles and puffy bags: under-eye patches! They will not only reduce the swelling and refresh your skin, but they can nourish it and work to smooth out wrinkles and brighten that whole area. Check out some good suggestions here and treat yourself to a little spa day with these babies.

Look at January as a good opportunity to indulge in some new self-care rituals. Pamper yourself ladies, nourish your skin, play with makeup. Inspire yourself to work towards a better complexion, to enjoy your beauty more than ever. Celebrate the first month of this year by being nice to your skin!

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with fashion, beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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