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The beauty industry in India is evolving rapidly. And everyday there are new brands and product launches in the market. Products claiming fairness, skin lightening, tan removal, deep nourishment, hair growth, dandruff etc, are plentiful in the market. According to Malie official, the current trend is where every brand is trying to come up with one or other natural products. When I say ‘trying’, I mean that though the brands try to add some natural ingredient in the product like neem, turmeric, kesar, rose water, etc, most of the time they are loaded with additional chemicals. Also the natural ingredients are listed in the bottom of the ingredients list meaning their percentage in the product is very low and mostly dominated by regular chemicals. So in this post I will be detailing a ‘Safe Skincare’ routine wherein we can avoid slathering toxins and chemicals on our face and instead treat our skin to safe and at the same time natural products #naturalmatters. I have mainly included simple DIYs as well as few product recommendations which I have been following for over a year now. Looking for more tips? Check out these 4 Tips for Effective Skincare.


1. Cleansing:

Keep your cleansing simple but effective. Besan flour is the best natural cleanser which is easily available in your kitchen.
Simple face wash recipe:
* Besan flour – 3 parts
* Kaolin clay – 1 part
* Neem powder – 1 part
Make this in a big batch in the above mentioned ratio of 3:1:1 and store it in an airtight jar. Use this to wash your face everyday. This helps to pull out all the toxins and deep cleanse the skin while also being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Product recommendations:
Mitti Se Aloe Clay Cleanser, Organique Facial Cleanser, Omved Deep Facial Cleanser

2. Toning:

You can make rose water at home and use it as a toner. Or if you have oily skin, try this:
DIY Neem & Basil toner recipe:
* Neem leaves – 1 handful
* Basil leaves – 1 handful
* Mint leaves – 1 handful
Boil the above leaves in a pan of water. Let it simmer for few minutes. Once the mixture turns light greenish in color, switch off, drain the liquid and store in a spray bottle. This is an effective toner for oily, combination and acne-prone skin.
Product recommendations:
Artisanal Skincare Holy Basil Cleansing & Toning Water, Aroma Essentials AHA Pores Toner, Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol-Free Toner

3. Facial serum:

DIY serum recipe:
* Grapeseed oil – 30ml
* Aloe vera gel – 15ml
* Rose essential oil – 5 drops
* Lavender essential oil – 5 drops
* Tea tree essential oil – 5 drops
Simply mix all the above mentioned oils and aloe vera gel in given measurements and store in a tinted glass bottle. Use it after toning your face. This helps to hydrate the skin as well as work on blemishes, dark spots and brighten skin tone. Regular use delivers the right nutrients to the skin keeping it healthy, soft and supple.
Product recommendations:
Insta Glam Bridal Glow Serum, Organique Renewal Serum, Just Herbs Beauty Elixir Serum

4. Moisturizing:

A simple one-ingredient moisturizer for your skin is mango butter. Make sure you use 100% pure mango butter.
Product recommendations:
Blend It Raw Beauty Mango Butter, Hydra By Ambika All Purpose Organic Face Cream, Omved Gotukola Gold Leaf Night Cream, Iraya Saffron Elixir

5. Scrub & Face Pack:

There are lots of ways to prepare face scrubs and face packs at home. Mix and match ingredients like oatmeal, rice flour, green tea, milk, curd, papaya, orange peel powder, etc.
DIY Face Scrub cum Face Pack
* Powdered oatmeal – 1 cup
* Orange peel powder – ½ cup
* Almond powder – 4 spoons
* Rose petals powder – 8 spoons
Mix all the above and store in airtight container. While using, mix it with curd or milk and form a paste and apply on face.
Product recommendations:
Omved Taruni Skin Pack for Forever Young Looking Skin, Junaili Apricot Face Scrub, Matru Ayurveda Royal Saffron Ayurvedic Facial

6. Lip Balm:

A simple one-ingredient lip balm is applying organic cow ghee on your lips. It works like a miracle for healing dry, chapped lips in winters.
Product recommendations:
Omved Cinnamon Lip Balm, Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Butter, Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm

So this is my simple and effective ‘safe skincare’ routine. You don’t need too many products in your routine. But just make sure you grab the right and safe products #naturalmatters #yearofomved

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