The Day Drinking Box – New Launch – Review & Unboxing

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Today am back with the unboxing and review of another newly launched subscription box. Interestingly, this is not a beauty box, but a gourmet tea and coffee subscription box. I haven’t come across any tea and coffee subscription box in India till now. So I think Day Drinking is the first of its kind ????????. Being an avid coffee and tea lover, I was pretty excited to receive this box. For me, drinking coffee and tea is not just a routine, but an experience in itself, like how Zen preaches ????. I love trying out different brands of coffee and tea. Day Drinking Box is a venture from the same people behind The Violet Box. This box contains about 30 servings of gourmet tea and coffee from different brands. They have 3 variants of boxes – Only Coffee Box, Only Tea Box and Coffee & Tea Box. I really like this concept as, if you are only a tea or coffee lover, you can order only that.






From Archana Kochhar:

What is life, without a dash of sugar and a sprinkle of spice? Enjoy my unique array of day-drinks, handpicked from across the globe, to renew your morning experience. Let us savour this taste together, of faraway lands and their unique cultures.


for 1 month : Rs.499
for 3 months : Rs 1199 (per box Rs 399)
for 6 months : Rs 2199 (per box Rs 366)


It comes in a really big rectangular white box with luxurious fonts printed on it. I really love the packaging which adds a luxurious touch to the whole experience. I wish they had put a ribbon around it to make it even more classy.

What’s In The Day Drinking Box:

This month’s box has been curated by the Bollywood celebrity designer, Archana Kochhar. Let’s see what all I received in the Day Drinking box:

  • Vahdam Teas Spiced Oolong Tea (5 servings)
  • Vahdam Teas Summer Organic Black Tea (5 servings)
    What’s special about these is that unlike your everyday cuppa, Vahdam teas do not travel in containers for months before being packaged and sold. All their teas are procured direct from plantations & tea growers within 24-72 hours of production!
    Wow! I tried the Spiced Oolong Tea and the aroma and taste was exotic and I totally loved the tea experience. You can check out their website
  • Glenburn Tea Pure Assam Tea (3 servings)
  • Glenburn Pure Darjeeling Tea (3 servings)
    Started by a Scottish tea company in 1859, Glenburn then passed into the hands of one of India’s pioneering tea planting families. Their story began over a hundred years ago and is closely entwined with that of tea plantations in India. Today, the third and fourth generation carry almost a century of tea knowledge in their inheritance. You can check out their website
  • Exalte Adarak Chai (3 servings)
  • Exalte Masala Chai (3 servings)
    Exalte was conceptualized and kicked off so that this tea-drinking nation experience what the taste of a good, unadulterated cup of tea was really like. Its dream was, and continues to be, to help people enjoy the variants in tea blends that can be sourced from all over the country, and also make them understand that you don’t need to add copious amounts of milk and sugar to enjoy the taste of a good brew.
    This is one of my favorite teas in the entire box. It’s the classic Indian ginger and masala chai with a better quality than the ones we get in local supermarkets.
  • The Indian Bean Micro Lot Coffee (3 servings)
  • The Indian Bean Single Estate Arabica Filter Coffee (3 servings)
    The guys from TheIndianBean traveled from Nepal to the Indian hills of Kodagu and Kodi, and found a treasure trove of awesome Indian coffee beans that are grown through indigenous and socially conscious farming practices. Ever heard of single-estate coffee? That means beans from a single farm – no mingling, no mucking with the taste. It’s the only way to enjoy the rich, complex flavours of real coffee. You can check out their website
    I liked the Arabica variant but the Micro Lot Coffee was not that good.
  • The Flying Squirrel Parama Coffee (3 servings)
  • The Flying Squirrel Sunkissed Coffee (3 servings)
    The Flying Squirrel grow, process roast, grind and deliver damn good coffee in an artisanal manner to true coffee loving folk all over India. You can check out their website
  • Christopher Cocoa 55% Assorted Dark Chocolates (4 pieces)
    I am happy that they have included a pack of chocolates as well, that too dark chocolate which is my favorite. This was the first item I tasted, and believe me, it is of luxurious quality and not just any local chocolate. You can check out their website at



Overall, I totally loved this month’s Day Drinking Box. I love the idea of a subscription box which allows you to try out different types of exotic, high quality tea and coffee.

Suggestions for improvements:

* They can include different types of instant coffee, floral and fruit infusion teas in future boxes.
* Tie the box with a ribbon which will make it look like a luxury gift option to someone.

So, if you are a tea and coffee lover, I would recommend you to definitely try this unique subscription box. This can also be a perfect gift to someone. Order your Day Drinking Box here and join the #DrinkLove initiative.

P.S Product sent by the brand for consideration. But my opinions and reviews are unbiased and honest as always.


  1. Sonali

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    I like both tea and coffee, this box sounds great 🙂

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  6. Ritam_BlushingShimmers

    I am not a tea person but the idea is pretty good… 🙂 🙂

  7. Ghazala Naseem

    Nice review , this is really a new type of subscription box for Indians 🙂
    Loved it’s concept , different types of tea & coffee in a single Box .

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      Thank you Ghazala 🙂 Yes, I think there is no other such subscription box in India

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    This one seems great for beverage lovers like me.

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