Review of The Herb Boutique Herbal Bath Tea and The Cleansing Ritual Charcoal & Green Tea Soap

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Today I will be reviewing couple more products from the brand The Herb Boutique. I tried their Green Tea & Eucalyptus Body Polish and liked it, though I felt it was expensive. Let’s see how The Herb Boutique Herbal Bath Tea and The Cleansing Ritual Charcoal and Green Tea Soap fared on me.

The Herb Boutique Herbal Bath Tea




Product Claims

Our rich Herbal Bath Tea with chamomile and lemongrass is made with purest ingredients to give you a soothing and relaxing bath . Filled with the aromatic power of chamomile and the healing powers of lemongrass, you are assured of relief from such disorders as unhealthy skin and unbalanced hormone. Its rich antioxidant and flavonoids content is the perfect touch your skin craves for.


Chamomile, Lemongrass, Himalayan Echinacea, Himalayan Tulsi Rhododendron




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IBeautySpy spies:

This is the first time am using a bath tea. It is basically just like a bath soak, you just need to add it in your bucket of water. Since it contains a lot of soothing natural ingredients, I expected the fragrance to be relaxing and uplifting. But I was quite disappointed, as there was not much of a fragrance. Only a mild herbal tea fragrance. Also unlike a bath salt which dissolves in water, it left a lot of residue on the bathroom which needs to be cleaned up.

What I like:

* A unique formulation of herbal bath tea which no other brand has come up with yet.
* Impressive list of natural and soothing ingredients.
* Cute packaging.
* Organic and vegan product.

What I don’t like:

* Fragrance is not much.
* Expensive for the quantity provided.

I actually have mixed feelings about this product. While a herbal bath tea seems like the ultimate spa experience, I didn’t feel the same effect as from a bath salt. The fragrance was too mild. And even the price for the quantity provided is expensive. So I don’t think I will repurchase unless they lower the prices and change their formulation.

The Herb Boutique Cleansing Ritual Charcoal and Green Tea Soap Bar



Product claims

This soap combines the richness of quality green tea that has been steeped for 24 hours for maximum benefit and the deep cleansing quality of the black soap. While in the bathtub, you are mesmerized by it alluring scent and smoothness as it glides on your skin. It is mild enough to be used on the face and whole body for a thorough cleansing. The combination of these two will leave your skin looking fresh and clean.


not mentioned




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IBeautySpy spies

The soap comes in a round form and is black in color due to the presence of charcoal. It has a mild and soothing fragrance of mainly green tea. It lathers well and cleanses the body effectively. It doesn’t dry out my skin. My skin feels smooth and deeply cleansed. Charcoal and green tea both have detoxifying and clarifying properties. The soap doesn’t melt easily and lasts for a really long time. My only concern is that the ingredients list is not mentioned anywhere in the packaging or their website.

What I like

* Deep cleanses and detoxifies skin.
* Lathers well.
* Contains goodness of charcoal and green tea both of which are good for skin.
* Doesn’t melt easily.
* Organic and vegan product.

What I don’t like

* Ingredients list not mentioned.

This is the first time am using a charcoal soap and I liked it. It will be good to use during summers to detoxify the skin.

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P.S Products sent by the brand for consideration. But my opinions and reviews are honest as always.


  1. Sonali

    Bath tea is something innovative????

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, Sonali. I too found it interesting. But it didn’t live up to its expectations 🙁

  2. Bhawna D.

    The packaging of the bath tea is so simple yet elegant 🙂 never tried this brand though

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, I too love the packaging. It looks luxurious and classy.

  3. Maitreyi

    The soap definitely looks promising! Will definitely try that for sure but that bath tea didn’t excite me though.. thanks for the review????????????

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Maitreyi 🙂

  4. Natural Beauty And Makeup

    Bath tea sounds much interesting but sad it didn’t live up to the mark! Nice review dear <3
    Much love <3

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Noopur

    Charcoal soaps sounds promising..

  6. Snehal

    I love using charcoal products on my skin and teeth!
    Never used a charcoal soap before. This charcoal soap is impressive!

    1. admin (Post author)

      I have never used charcoal products on my teeth. Is it effective?

  7. khadija beauty

    Nice review and liked the packaging

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, I too like the packaging of The Herb Boutique products. Looks luxurious…

  8. Ankita choudhary

    Nice post dear ???????????? I have also posted a new review on the herb boutique products ???????????? do check it out n comment

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Ankita. I just read your review and and it was awesome. 🙂

  9. Snehal

    Charcoal soap?! 😀 Interesting! I personally love using products which contain charcoal. Really good for skin and teeth.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, charcoal is becoming a big trend nowadays. Almost every other brand coming up with charcoal products…

  10. Sreeparna Ganguly

    The bath tea looks amazing 🙂

  11. Kakul Singh

    Really intrigued to try charcoal soap by your review, lovely packaging.


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