Review of Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Skin Brightening The Traditional Bath Soap

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How are you guys? My office location has been shifted from this week to Embassy Tech Village and I was busy with the process. The monitors, lockers and charging sockets have still not been shifted. So we are working with limited resources. Also we had induction program yesterday with complimentary breakfast and lunch ???? . So I didn’t get much time to blog. This is the first blog post am writing in my new office. Hope it turns out to be good 🙂 . Here am introducing you to another new natural brand and will be reviewing their handmade soap – Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Skin Brightening The Traditional Bath Soap. Let’s see how it fares. Ohria Ayurveda is a new luxury, ayurvedic beauty brand in the market. Let’s see a small introduction about the brand before proceeding with the review.



About the brand Ohria Ayurveda

Our Ingredients:
Ohria Ayurveda firmly believes in “Skin eats whatever we apply externally” on basis of this belief, all our ingredients are pure, natural, safe, gentle by Ayurvedic standards, free from all toxic chemicals, carefully selected from reliable sources.
Our products contain Ayurvedic herbs, essentials oils, pure plant extracts, natural additives to preserve, natural butters and cold pressed oils. All these are perfect superfoods for skin/hair.
Free From – What’s not inside Ohria products
Our products are free from all harmful chemicals, toxins, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, color. Instead Ohria products stand for cosmetics gentle on skin, in sync with nature. First time in India a product line free from PEG’S, Silicons, apart from Sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, heavy metals, pesticides. Most of our products are preservative free instead a natural additive (plant derived) is added to give shelf life to our products.
True Ayurvedic Tradition
All botanical extracts, distillation, titration of herbs and plants are painstakingly made in house in true ayurvedic tradition as taught by Ayurved Acharya, mantras are chanted during the process to enhance efficacy. Classical ayurvedic recipes are followed.
Cruelty Free
We love nature, our planet and everything in it. From our ecofriendly production unit, recyclable packaging to our love for our animals. We are committed to protecting our environment. No testing on animals.

Product claims

Fresh Handmade skin brightening bathing bar with natural cleansing & nourishing agents Besan (Gram flour), Lentils, Turmeric and Goat Milk traditionally used for bathing by royals. All these are blended after slow heat infusion keeping all nutrients intact for softening and skin brightening, Kokum butter, Turmeric essential oil, Triphala and sandalwood oil softens and helps depigment.


Goat Milk (6%), Turmeric Oil (1%), Glycerin (2%), Gram Flour (4%), Red Lentils (2%), Marigold Petals (0.5%), Vit E (0.2%), Jojoba Ester (0.5%), Coconut Butter (1%), Base-QS


Rs.495 for 125g.



IBeautySpy spies

Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap comes in a eco-friendly paper packaging. The brand has taken care to ensure the design and labels of the packaging ensures a luxury and classical touch. I really like them.

Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap looks yellow in color as it contains all yellow ingredients – turmeric, chickpea and marigold. It has an amazing fragrance of marigold flowers mainly with a hint of besan. Most turmeric based products have a strong smell of turmeric. And I thought this too will have that. But here the floral scent of marigold flowers is more prominent. Which makes it very refreshing and calming. I simply love its fragrance.

As its free from SLS and other lathering agents, Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap lathers only moderately. The lather is soft and gentle. It cleanses skin well but doesn’t dry out skin. The soap doesn’t melt much and lasts for quite some time.

Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap somehow feels like a ubtan to me. The texture, the scent and the effects resemble a ubtan. After taking bath, I feel like I have used a ubtan on my skin. A ubtan in a soap form 😀 . Sounds interesting, but I don’t know how else to describe it. It feels very different from the other soaps I have used.

With regular use of Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap, I do observe some skin brightening and glow. Turmeric and besan cleanses and brightens skin. Marigold soothes the skin and prevents drying.

As the name suggests, Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap gives a royal, traditional bath experience. The soaps feels of pure and high quality ingredients. If you don’t have the time to indulge in using ubtans while bathing, then this is a good option.



Does it satisfy all its claims?

Yes, it satisfies all its claims.

What I like?

* Gives the experience of using a traditional ubtan in a soap form.
* Refreshing and calming scent of marigold flowers.
* Feels of pure and high quality ingredients.
* Cleanses well but doesn’t dry out skin.
* Soft and gentle lather.
* Brightens and gives glow to skin.
* Soothing and calming.
* Eco-friendly paper packaging.

What I don’t like?

* Base-Qs is mentioned in ingredients list. Don’t know what it is.

Would I recommend?

Yes, definitely.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, definitely.

Value for money?

Priced similar to other luxury, ayurvedic brands

Availability: You can buy online from here or here or here

IBeautySpy Rating: 5/5

Ohria Ayurveda Haldi, Besan and Marigold Soap is a truly traditional, royal bath experience that you can have at home. Am happy that the brand has combined the ancient ayurvedic knowledge into a modern day soap. The quality of the product is definitely high-end. I find this ubtan soap to be a refreshing difference from modern varieties of soap. You can give it a try if you love trying luxury ayurvedic products.

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  1. Sonali Patil

    Seems like a nice soap, but it is a melt and pour soap it seems as it mentions base as qs. I am all for cold process soaps.

  2. Anita Singh

    Bappa, itna costly hai to main ubtan hi lagana prefer karungi ????????
    Kaafi accha combination hai ????????


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