Review of OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash – With Green Apple, Volcanish Ash and Basil Oil – For Oily, Combination Skin

Hi all,
Today I will be introducing you to a new brand called OmorFee. It is a natural, organic beauty brand and their products are made from 100% certified organic ingredients and they are also eco-friendly. I first got introduced to their face wash in My Envy Box. It was this OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash. Though its only a deluxe sample of 30ml, I thought of reviewing it here, because the face wash lasted me for good two weeks and I was able to form a first impressions from it. So here goes the review of OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash.



Product claims

Right cleaning of oily skin is very crucial for keeping skin problem free. However, with the repeated usage of harsh cleansing products initially makes skin look fresh but after prolonged usage, they can disrupt the healthy protective mantle of skin, eventually leading to dryness, which in turn makes the oil glands in skin secrete more sebum. This becomes a vicious cycle!

Treat your skin with the powerful cleansing action of Apple Proteins, which takes off excess sebum and dirt from face. Due to its proven skin compatibility, it is very gentle on skin and it maintains the integrity of healthy skin. Organic Volcanic Ash, a trove of essential minerals, not just nourishes skin but also provides immense detoxification to skin. It keeps skin free of impurities and imparts health.

Presence of effective essential oils of Orange, Basil, Tea Tree and Lemon imparts antiseptic and astringent properties, which helps in fighting skin breakouts. Green Apple Face Wash is the natural and most effective yet gentle way of taking right care of oily/acne prone skin and helps in keeping skin healthy!

Purity and sustainability is our motto and we have extended it beyond our products. Since our products are of highly pristine quality only Pure Bamboo and FDA grade containers have been used to hold our products to maintain their purity for you!


Coco Glucoside (and) Glyceryl Oleate (EcoCert), Decyl Glucoside (EcoCert), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Aloe vera extract, Sodium Cocyl Apple Amino Acids, Organic Volcanic Ash (EcoCert), Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Lemon Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Basil Oil, Botanical Preservative, Aqua Q.S


Rs.1199 for 100ml



IBeautySpy spies

OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash is a greenish-brown colored, transparent, gel-based face wash with many tiny black particles. Which I guess are the Volcanic ash. The consistency of the gel is very runny and feels more like a thick water (if that makes any sense ???? ) than a usual gel. It has a sharp fragrance of something natural, perhaps the apple protein or the volcanic ash or a mix, am not sure.

OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash lathers moderately and cleanses skin well. So only a small quantity is required for each wash. That’s why this deluxe sample lasted me around 2 weeks. The green apple proteins, volcanic ash, tea tree oil and basil oil helps to purify the skin and remove dirt and grime from deep inside the pores. It also reduces oil secretion and keeps my face shine free for many hours. Which makes it a great choice for oily skin people. It will suit combination skin also. But for normal-dry skin, it might make skin drier. Also something in the face wash was giving my skin a mild irritation. Maybe its the combination of citric acid, lemon and orange essential oil. Am not sure. So I used it only once a day in the evening.

The ingredients list looks great. Except that they haven’t mentioned the preservative used, they have only mentioned as botanical preservative. It is completely free of parabens, paraffins, silicones, alcohol, colours or fragrance. Natural and certified organic ingredients have been used.

Overall, OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash is a good face wash for oily, combination skin. I liked the purifying effects of the face wash. But I won’t be repurchasing this as I have dry skin. And also it caused me some mild irritation. The price point is too high in my opinion for a 100ml face wash.



Does it satisfy all its claims?

Yes, it satisfies all its claims.

What I like?

* Purifies skin.
* Organic certified ingredients.
* Free from SLS, SLES and parabens.
* Controls oil secretion and keeps face shine free for many hours.
* Very little quantity needed for each use.
* Unique ingredients like green apple, volcanic ash, basil oil and tea tree oil.
* Good for oily, combination skin.

What I don’t like?

* Very pricey.
* Preservative used is not mentioned in ingredients list.

Would I recommend?

No. The price is too high. Unless you get it in a discount or something, it is not worth it.

Would I repurchase?

No. ‘Coz this is for oily skin and I have dry skin.

Value for money?

No. Its pricey.

Availability: You can buy online from here or here (Currently its on 10% discount)

IBeautySpy Rating: 4.3/5

OmorFee Green Apple Face Wash is a nice organic face wash with a unique ingredients list. I actually liked the product except for the price point. If you are okay with the price and like to use certified organic skincare products, you can go ahead and try it. Suited for oily and combination skin.

So that’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this review. Have you used any OmorFee products? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Sonali Patil

    I will outrightly skip this for price!


    Loved your detailing Archana…I guess Sodium Benzoate is working as the preservative here…the price is too high…:(…anyways overall loved the review dear..:))

  3. Madhumita

    Despite having skin-friendly ingredients, the price is too high … By the way lovely review Archana.

  4. Sangeeta G

    This sounds good for my oily skin but the price is way too high!

  5. Tina

    Thanks for the detailed review! I think if the product works well for oily problem skin, then the price will not stop the purchase. Fighting oily skin is very difficult.

  6. Bhumika

    Looks good! But I agree with you on the price point!! That’s way too much..


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