Monsoon Series – IBeautySpy’s First Giveaway

Hi all,

Am here today with a surprise giveaway for you. I hope you are all enjoying the Monsoon Series. Do share your feedback on the Monsoon Series. Am going to wind up the Monsoon series as soon the monsoons ends! So as part of the Monsoon Series, I thought I will have a small giveaway. This being my first giveaway, am super excited and nervous too. Do participate and make the giveaway a huge success!

Coming to the giveaway, this is a Rafflecopter giveaway and will end on 14th September and three winners will be picked randomly at the end.

The prizes for the giveaway are as follows:
First prize:
* 4 Korean Sheet Masks
* 3 Korean serums
* Korean samples including Blackhead removal nose pack
* Hikari Cosmetics Blush
* Natural Bath & Body Whipped Vitamin E Cream sample
* Fuschia Pomegranate Pearls Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub (Do check out my review here)

Second Prize:
* 4 Korean Sheet Masks
* 2 Korean serums
* Catrice Cosmetics Blush
* Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick
* Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm
* Beauty Blender

Third Prize:
* 4 Korean Sheet Masks
* Sugar It’s a Pout Time Vivid Lipstick
* Deborah Milano Extra Eye Pencil
* Chamki Nail Polish
* The Nature’s Co Lemon Brushless Shaving Cream sample


I hope the prizes are exciting. So do participate and try your best. 3 of you can grab these goodies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Shilpa Shetty

    Loved reading the Monsoon Series,.. I would love to see some DIYs in upcoming Monsoon Series…

  2. Sushma

    I would like to learn some heremedies for hair care during monsoon ????

  3. parul

    I loved the reviews of nature’s Co products. Would love to c skin routine in monsoon.

    Lovely giveaway archana!!
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity

  4. sumita

    Congratulation dear for your new journey as blogger wish you lots of luck and success

    done with all the steps

  5. Ms Meehnia

    Great giveaway 🙂

  6. Pravallika

    Thank you for the giveaway nd read abt ur monsoon series I just liked ur post I shud definitely give it a try coz my skin damages alot in this season thanks 4 the tips…..
    Twitter: @pravallikabme
    Facebook : Pravallika valli
    Instagram : Pravallika787
    Email :

  7. Jyoti@thegirl'sartistry

    Thanks Archana for this giveaway..

    All the best..

  8. kanchan

    Congratulation dear for your new blog read your reviews its awesome and easy to understand

    Done all the steps

    Subscribe and following you every where

    I will give my 100% to win this

  9. Sehija Hans

    Loved all the reviews on monsoon series specially on fuschiavcare pomengranate products..very detailed information..loved reading n feel satisfied after doubts n no confusions..thanks for this lovely giveaway..i used some of the korean products like foundation n mask sheet n snail solution n alorvera gel..awesome products these r..
    I would like u to post about taking care of dry skin n hair remedies during monsoons…

  10. Sumithra

    Hi Archana, thank you so much for hosting a wonderful giveaway. Lovely products to be won. Being from Chennai, hardly we experience some climate change other than hot, Hotter n Hottest. But past few days is kinda monsoon here.. So an apt giveaway I wud say ????
    Monsoons are to be relished leaving apart what it does to our skin n hair. A pampering with this giveaway is a welcoming one. thank you for it. ????

  11. Ankita Chaudhary

    Wow !it’s an amazing giveaway . Would love to win the second or the third set as both of these contain a lipstick !
    Thanks for organising this amazing giveaway ????????following all the rules

  12. meena mehta

    Thanks for amazing giveaway.

  13. safi

    Nice giveaway 🙂 Yes do continue the monsoon series. It was nice to read them. Share some monsoon makeup products.

  14. Ghazala Naseem

    Wonderful Giveaway , Would love to win set 1 .
    Followed you every where and done all required steps .
    It was nice to read posts on monsoon series , would like read some more posts on that specially on hair care during monsoon .

  15. bushra sayyed

    I want to see a home remedy or some DIY skin care for oily and acne prone skin I have a oily skin it will become more oily during Monsoon due to more oil I got small red pimples around my T – zone area ???? and I really want to get rid of it as soon as possible please guys help me in it and I see your monsoon serious blogs and I really love a fact that you people review a products which are 100% Naturals and Organic safe to skin please suggest a product which is safe to skin and effective as well
    this is your first giveaway on your blog
    I really love you @archugurus you come up initially with super huge giveaway all three prizes are amazing and unbelievable winning any of the set is going to be like dream come true ????
    I have done with all your rules
    Instagram handle – @bushra_sayyed
    Twitter handle – @bushrasayyed143
    Hoping to win ????????????

  16. beautyanddgeek

    The sugar lipsticks are so good!

  17. Mariyam

    Nice giveaway dear!

  18. Dabangglady

    First of all,a great congrtz on ur first giveaway.May u get alllot of followers nd popularity????????
    I have followed u everywhere if u r there on roposo I would love u follow u there too.Hope for the best.????????????????????

  19. Parul


    Hi Iam so glad for you!

    you have amazing blog!

    I have done all the rules and gave 200% to win this giveaway!

    Hope you make notice!

  20. aditi pal

    loved the article on quick facial at home and monsoon beauty bag essentials . really helpful reviews.

  21. aditi pal

    very good giveaway. loved your home facial article and essentials for monsoon

  22. vidya

    Nice giveaway.

  23. Barkha sharma

    Love your korean skin gift hamper. Seriously i obssesed wid korean products. Really wish to win done all the steps follow you on instagram. Subscribe your blog. Infact i ask my friends and family to subscribe ur blog. Wish to win. I give my best now it is up to u whom u wanna choosed!!???? but no matte will always support you

  24. Bhawna

    Congratulations for the giveaway.
    Your blog is very pretty and quite neat and clean.
    Yes I would love to see more about Monsoon series.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂

  25. Anamika(NBAM)

    Fantastic giveaway sweetie 🙂 Wish you more success ahead. I cannot participate in this giveaway as I am not in instagram currently (an issue is going on! Hope you won’t mind) but good luck to all the participants. Will surely participate next time in FB or twitter giveaway of yours!
    Natural Beauty And Makeup

  26. Ankita

    I really liked the monsoon series.. especially your blog on how to do facial at home. It was very useful.
    Yes plz continue doing it coz its very helpful and i enjoy reading it.

  27. Divya Asha

    Hi Archana,
    Your monsoon series gives me a great information about the products which are perfect to use during this monsoon season. I’m concerned about the dry skin, which naturally occurs during this season. Hereafter, no worries! Your monsoon series will guide in choosing the right products which will protect my skin & hair during this monsoon season. Please do a lot of posts in this series. I’ll be eagerly waiting…

  28. Vaishnavi Venkatesh(dollup and run)

    So excited for this 🙂

  29. Kashifah Shaikh

    I loved reading ur Monsoon Series… Specially the ‘Fuschia Pomegranate Pearls Face and Body Scrub’ and I too feel lazy to deseed pomegranates 😛 😀

    I would love to read some DIY masks for haircare during monsoon 🙂

  30. Anamika

    it’s an amazing giveaway thanks for this 🙂 following all the rules… finger crossed 🙂

  31. sumita

    Love to read home remedies for hair care in monsoon and makeup tips

  32. Kashifah Shaikh

    Facebook- Kashifah Shaikh

    Twitter- @shaikh_kashifah

    Insta id- kashifah 0293

    Google plus- Kashifah Shaikh

    1. Kashifah Shaikh

      Insta id- kashifah0293 (there’s no space in between)

  33. Ayesha khan

    Yes love ur monsoon series posts.
    Participated in ur giveaway!

  34. Dona

    Nice giveaway!!! best of luck to all the participants..:-)

  35. Madhumita

    Some tips and tricks about keeping skin healthy and acne free during monsoon would be really helpful

  36. Monika Paul

    Amazinggggggg???????????? would love to win the 2nd one ❤

  37. Ayushi

    Monsoon Series is pretty cool… I would love to get some tips on haircare please ☺

  38. Kshitija

    Thanks for amazing giveaway… Would like to read hair care tips…..Hope to win this amazing giveaway…. Hope to win atleast this giveaway

    1. Kshitija

      Congrats on your first giveaway….. I would also love to do a skin care tip for whitehead… I have many white heads on my nose…nd near areas……The Giveaway prize is so amazing…..Its the best Giveaway it have ever seen…all the three hampers are so beautiful… Winning any of the hamper will be like a dream came true……few hours left for this amazing giveaway to end………fingers tightly crossed…. Hope its mine
      email id-

  39. ekta vaswani

    Hello archana,
    Loved your Monsoon series but now since it is the time of the second summer , I would love to read about some summer makeup series as well 🙂

  40. ekta vaswani

    Hello Archana,
    Loved your giveaway as well as the Monsoon series. Since we now have the second summers would love to read more about summer makeup and skin and hair care.

    With Love

  41. Reema

    HOpe win this tym

  42. sanimol

    Awesome giveaway…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❣????

  43. Bilqees Bano

    please please do continue the monsoon series ..its really awesome <3

  44. kimiko

    amazing giveaway and interesting articles about skin care!

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂

  45. Pallavi Rohatgi

    Heya hope you are doing great ☺
    I’ve been a long time ardent follower of yours and an an admirer of your skills.
    Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway !
    I would love to see a blog post on how to remove tan using DIY ! I travel alot in the scorching heat and somehow I’m not comfortable using sunscreen.So I would want to know how to remove tan as my skin tone has reduced to a drastic level.
    I’m a big time foodie and love the way you ofyen give reviews for snacks too ☺
    When it comes to makeup accessories then I’m a huge fan of lipsticks and would love to win Set 2/3 either ✌
    All steps done !
    I wish you soon cross another milestone with more likes & followers with your great blogging skills.
    Loads of love
    XOXO ????

  46. Kavita Nayak

    Entered the giveaway with a smile & a hope in the heart to win it! Have given my best from Day 1 of the giveaway. Hope I get lucky. I just loved the Monsoon series. A very innovative series which I have never come across before by any other blogger. Have commented on a few. Hope you have noticed them. My social media handles. FB – Kavita Nayak, Instagram – @kavitapn17, Twitter – @kavitapn17

  47. Swagata Mukhopadhyay

    please continue this it 🙂


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