How to Treat Split Ends and Get Rid of Them

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Today let us discuss about split ends in detail. Split ends is a common hair issue many of us face. Let’s see how to treat split ends and also prevent them.

What are Split ends?

Each time you see your hair getting rough and damaged, try and see the damaged and bruised strands. The damaged strands are called split ends. The hair tends to split into two due to lack of nutrients or dryness. It is also known as trichoptilosis.


Why do split ends occur?

Split ends occur when your hair gets damaged. Your hair can get damaged due to several reasons. It could be due to overheating either under the sun or through hot blow dry. The use of chemicals, bleaches, colours, etc can also inflict great damage to your hair. When the damage becomes serious, the outer layer of the hair strands splits into two and makes it appear frizzy. Even though frizzy hair is different from the hair with split ends. Split ends make your hair too susceptible to breakage.

How do I recognise split ends early?

It is necessary to recognize split ends early so the split doesn’t get to the scalps and damaged it from the root. Following are the several ways through which you can recognise split ends:

  • Examine the tips of the hair by bringing them close to your face. If the tips are straight they are not split but if the strand is moving into multiple directions then you have split ends.
  • Check your hair regularly and look at them closely once a week to catch the problem early.
  • Use a magnifying class to check for split ends.
  • Braid the hair and check the thickness of the braids from top to end. If the thickness has lessened considerably at the tips, there is a big chance its a case of split ends.
How to get rid of split ends?

Once you have split ends, there isn’t much you can do to cure it. However, there are a few things one can do to do away with split ends:

  • Since split ends don’t occur from the roots, the only permanent solution is to cut the part which is split. Hair is a dead cell, it won’t repair itself. It can only regrow in a better form.
  • Use good hair oil (preferable coconut) to smoothen up the ends but it would only work till the time you wash it off.
  • Split end repair products such as polymer can be used. It helps in sticking the ends together till the time hair wash is due.

Except for cutting off the hair, the other two methods are purely temporary jobs to somehow hold them together till the time you make up your mind to head over to the hair cutting salon to cut them off from the point they are split.

How to prevent split ends

In order to prevent split ends one must take good care of their hair. Here are certain ways which can help you in doing just that.

  • Give regular trimming to your hair. In case there is a minor split which might not be visible, that too will be taken care of due to regular trimming.
  • Oiling before washing is necessary. Washing, sometimes, can damage the hair to a little extent and oil creates a layer around hair which absorbs whatever damage it may receive during washing. You can even oil your hair at night and wash it off the next day.
  • Use conditioners: Apply conditioners which can be left without washing and act as a protective agent. Also, one can use coconut oil, almond or olive oil as a conditioner.
  • While drying your hair, give it a gentle pat rather than a rugged scrub. Scrubbing your hair hard would result in breakages, weak strands and split ends.
  • Try using a comb with wider teeth. That shall prevent them from weakening and breaking.
  • Let your hair dry naturally instead of using hot iron or a blow drier.
  • Avoid washing your hair every day, you scalp needs time to restore the sufficient oil balance.
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I hope this post was useful to you in knowing how to treat split ends. Bye! See you all in next post.

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