Skin Clarifying And Brightening Routine With Ilana Organics Products – For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

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In my journey of discovering natural and organic beauty brands, I recently came across a new brand on Insta called Ilana Organics. Right from their packaging to their philosophy and no-nonsense ingredients list, everything seemed alluring. Currently, I wouldn’t say my skin is in a bad condition (thanks to using organic, natural products consistently ????). But I do have some acne scars, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness. And I do have 2-3 active acne. These are the skin concerns am currently working on the path to glass skin. And am sure its the same problems with many of you guys. When I mentioned these concerns to the brand, they had sent me their specific set of personal care products meant for clarifying and brightening skin. I have started incorporating these in my skincare routine. I have been using them for a week and I can already see some difference. I will come up with detailed reviews and final results after two weeks of using. But meanwhile, I would like to share the Clarifying and Brightening Skincare Routine that am following currently and why it is so potent.

Ilana Organics Green Tea Mint Bath Soap

Though its recommended not to use soaps for face and use only natural skin care, this one is a 100% natural, cold-pressed soap. Its very gentle on the skin. Green Tea and Mint are both good for oily and acne-prone skin. Green Tea is rich in catechins which are anti-microbial and help destroy acne-causing bacteria. It also helps to flush out the skin toxins and impurities. Mint leaves contain a high amount of salicylic acid which loosens dead skin cells and allows them to shed easier. This results in acne scars fading and leaves skin clearer.

Ilana Organics Clarifying Toner Witch Hazel + Camellia

Toning is an essential part if you have oily, acne-prone skin. And witch hazel is a natural astringent which helps to remove excess oil and tighten pores. Camellia (white tea) helps to calm down inflammation and redness. Also, this clarifying toner contains tea tree, apple cider vinegar, lemon and lavender which are excellent for acne-prone skin.

Ilana Organics Brightening Skin Serum Papaya + Lemon

After toning, it is treatment time. This serum from Ilana Organics is a potent botanical formula to brighten skin and also work on pigmentation and acne scars. It contains papaya seed oil, lemon essential oil which add glow and radiance to the skin. And also geranium oil which rejuvenates the skin. With regular use, it also helps to fade dark spots and dark circles. The instructions say it starts showing results within two weeks of usage. This is a slightly rich lotion and if you have very oily, acne-prone skin, you can go for their other variant, Ilana Organics Clarifying Skin Serum Argan + Tea Tree.

Ilana Organics Energizing Fruit Shell Scrub Walnut + Plum:

Along with using the above three products daily, it is recommended to use this scrub twice or thrice a week. It comes in powder form and you can mix with rose water, milk or yogurt. This is an energizing and awakening micro exoliator made entirely from fruit shells and peels. It aids cell renewal, turnover and works on uneven skin tone and keeps acne at bay.

This does sound like a promising range for clarifying and brightening skin. Am following this currently and will update you in detail after one week.

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  1. Sonali Patil

    Amazing routine, would love trying their products!!

  2. Soma Banik

    The products look really promising..honestly loved all of them…:D…:)

  3. Anita Singh

    Packaging n product dobo hi bahut promising dikh rahy hain ????
    Review bahut accha detail me hai ????????

  4. Mariyam

    The packaging of this brand is outstanding. I’d love to try out the cleansing soap and witch hazel toner 🙂
    The Beautyholic

  5. khadija Beauty

    Did the serum really work for pigmentation? Wow

  6. Richa

    Saw some of these products while browsing through Nykaa and they looked interesting, I am especially interested in the serum, and now would definitely like to try some of them. You have a good routine 🙂


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