Six Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Beauty Bag

Mascaras, various lipsticks, a small mirror and a lip balm ‒ these are the small essentials that we carry around in our beauty bag to make our daily life easier. However, sometimes we tend to spend an entire day away from home, with no chance of refreshing our look. If you’re looking for best quality mirrors to bring when you travel, HD Mirrors have the perfect makeup mirror for travelling. That’s why your beauty bag requires a few more beauty products that will help you get through anything.


Dry shampoo


The weather is always so unpredictable, and you never know how it’ll affect your hair. Furthermore, if you’ve overslept, and rushed out of your home without washing your hair before work, you’ll need a quick and effective solution to the problem. That’s why a dry shampoo should always be a part of your beauty bag supplies. With just a few spritzes, you will bring your dead hair back to life. What’s more, your hair can get greasier more quickly because of high humidity levels, and a travel-sized dry shampoo is a perfect and quick solution in this case.

Teeth-whitening pen

A cup of tea in the morning, a few cups of coffee during the day and not so many opportunities for brushing your teeth will eventually make them yellow. In order to avoid ruining your pearly white smile, be sure to include a teeth-whitening pen into your beauty bag assortment. You can treat your teeth quickly and easily in only a couple of seconds, making sure you don’t have to pay for expensive dental treatments, like those permanent dental implants. Alternatively, you may get a teeth whitening procedure for a long-lasting solution.

Nail polish


Neat and attractive manicure should be every woman’s priority. Without nicely trimmed and polished nails, you may give out the impression of a person who doesn’t care about their appearance. Therefore, be sure to always have a bottle of your favourite nail polish in your beauty bag in case you need to fix your manicure or just add a new coat if you didn’t have the time to do it at home. With customizable Say It With Polish products you can create a nail polish you’ve always dreamed of and make sure your nails have the best treatment.

Hand cream


A hand cream is definitely a must in your beauty bag. They usually come in small packages so they don’t occupy too much space, and you’ll always have a first aid kit for dry skin in your bag. This is especially true during the colder, windy months when your hands are under the harmful impact of cold air and are more susceptible to drying and cracking. It’s important that you moisturize your hands every time after you wash them, so that they are always smooth and nourished.

Mattifying product

Whether you go for blotting papers or a translucent powder, your beauty bag must contain a product that will help you get rid of the excess of skin oil that tends to build up on your face during the day. Sometimes you’ll spend an entire day outside without a chance to reapply your makeup, so an excess of oil in your skin will become visible, which always looks unflattering. Therefore, be sure you always have blotting papers on you that will help you mattify your face back to flawlessness.

Rollerball perfume


Small, compact and perfect for quick fix, that’s precisely what a rollerball perfume is. It’s tiny enough to fit in any cosmetic bag and you can smell amazing in just a few seconds. Whether you’ve stormed out of the house without putting your favourite perfume on or you’ve just got a sudden meeting and you need to refresh your scent, rollerball is the perfect solution. You can easily and unnoticeably roll the perfume on every pulse spot, and prolong the amazing aroma for a few more hours.

A lip balm, a mascara, and a few other makeup products are probably always in your beauty bag, but a couple of other essentials should definitely be a part of it, too. From a dry shampoo, through a quality nail polish to blotting papers and rollerball perfume, there’s only so many products that you can store into your beauty bag. Just make sure you’re not overcrowding the beauty bag with products. If you’re on your way to buying a bigger bag because you can’t fit your makeup bag in it, it’s a clear sign you’ve gone over the board. So, make a clever selection of products for your beauty bag.

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    I have never used a dry shampoo and often forget to use a hand cream ????

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    Bloating papers, dry shampoo and hand cream absolute must. Teeth whitening pen is new to me. will check it out 🙂

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