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Today I am going to be reviewing one of the products from my favorite blogger, Sonali. She has her own Insta shop called Skincare Villa. Sonali is a beauty blogger at When I was new to the blogging world, her blog was one among the first that I subscribed to as I liked her way of writing and unique, creative posts. Actually, I took inspiration from her blog only to start my own blog too ????. Around a year back, she opened her own shop and started making her own beauty products. Now I will review one of the popular products from Skincarevilla, which is their Aloe Cucumber Face Pack.


Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, Aloe vera powder, Cucumber powder


Rs.180 for 30g

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SkincareVilla Aloe Cucumber Face Pack comes in a small plastic tub packaging with neat labels on the outside. She has recently revamped the design of the labels and it looks really good and colorful, if you want the same learn about GMP Labeling. All the details of the product, ingredients, shelf life, etc. are mentioned on the label. SkincareVilla Aloe Cucumber Face Pack comes in a fine, powder form and looks grey in color. On mixing with water, it forms a very smooth, brown colored paste. The texture of the paste is kinda slippery like aloe vera gel. It has a mild scent of dried cucumbers. It is not an artificial fragrance but is from the cucumber powder in the pack.

I apply a thin layer of SkincareVilla Aloe Cucumber Face Pack on my face and leave on for around 15 minutes. Since its very smooth, its easy to apply. If you mix with water, it will dry in 10 minutes. Sometimes I mix with curd and then it doesn’t dry out and I can keep for 20 minutes. Both these methods have given me good results. Since it contains aloe and cucumber, both of which are hydrating, it doesn’t dry out skin. It also feels soothing. After washing, my skin feels super soft and hydrated. Since its a clay mask, it also has the properties of deep cleansing, detoxifying and preventing, calming breakouts. It also removes tan and brightens skin slowly with each use.

I like the fact that SkincareVilla Aloe Cucumber Face Pack is 100% natural without any chemicals. Since its in powder form, preservatives are not needed. Plus, its very affordable as well. Usually natural products are priced higher. But I like that SkincareVilla’s products are affordable for everyone to try.

What I like?

* 100% natural, no chemicals, preservative-free.
* Deep cleanses and detoxifies skin.
* Prevents and calms down breakouts.
* Removes tan and brighten skin slowly with each use.
* Contains aloe and cucumber which hydrates, soothes skin and doesn’t dry out skin.
* Makes skin so soft.
* Suitable for all skin types.
* Affordable for everyone to try.
* Nice, colorful packaging.

What I don’t like?


Would I recommend?

Yes, definitely.

Would I repurchase?


Value for money?

Yes, definitely.

Availability: You can DM her on Instagram here to place your order

IBeautySpy Rating: 4.5/5

I usually make sure to include a clay mask in my routine atleast 2-3 times a week to clear up congested skin and prevent breakouts. SkincareVilla Aloe Cucumber Face Pack is my recent find in clay masks and I like the fact that it doesn’t dry out my skin. I like the unique combination of clay, aloe and cucumber. Also its very pocket-friendly. I would definitely recommend this face pack to everyone.

Have you tried any products from SkincareVilla? Do share your experiences in the comments below.

P.S Product sent by the brand for consideration. But my opinions and reviews are unbiased and honest as always.

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  1. Rutu

    Love their products. Their cleanser has been such a game changer for me.

  2. Sonali Patil

    Thank you for your review and feedback ????

  3. Anita Singh

    Amazing product, handmade n harmful chemical se dur ????????

  4. Ghazala Naseem

    This seems like a good one , since free of preservatives its great .

  5. Sangeeta

    Despite the fact that powder cleansers are messy to use I do love them. I still haven’t tried any products from Skincare Villa but now I am feeling like I am missing out on something really good.


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