Review of Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Creme – Comparison with Just Herbs Beauty Elixir Serum & Votre Face Serum – Which one should you go for?

Hi all,
Today’s the review of final serum in the ‘face serums series’. Before proceeding, don’t forget to check out my previous reviews of Just Herbs serum and Votre serum. In this post, I will review the Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Creme and also do a small comparison with the other two serums. So let’s start right away!




Product claims

It contains the highest concentration of the revolutionary ‘Gineplex Youth Compound’ which gives it 10 times the anti-ageing power of a day crème.
It’s a 2-in-1 formula of Serum + Crème –
1. Serum penetrates the skin quickly and delivers 10X* more ‘GINEPLEX YOUTH COMPOUND’ to the dermal layer, boosting collagen production.
2. Crème nourishes, hydrates and restores skin moisture.

Active Ingredients

* Ginseng – Maintains elasticity, vitality and regeneration capacity of skin cells.
* Ginger – Removes age spots, hypopigmented scars and blemishes. Enhances glow of skin.
* Milk Peptide – Nourishes the skin from within and helps in production of collagen, making the skin firmer and improving its elasticity.


Rs.795 for 30ml





IBeautySpy spies

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Creme comes in a purple and golden-colored pump packaging. Since its not glass, its travel-friendly as well. All the details of the product are mentioned in the outer carton. But I couldn’t find the complete ingredients list. Only the active ingredients are mentioned.

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Creme is milky white in color and has a thin cream consistency. The fragrance is somewhat artificial and floral.

Before proceeding with the review, let’s see some facts about the Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Creme. The star ingredient of this serum is Gineplex Youth Compound – most potent natural anti aging active. Gineplex is a youth compound developed after extensive research and development to fight skin ageing. This revolutionary compound constitutes of three highly potent natural ingredients: ginseng, ginger and milk peptide. The serum has 10 times more gineplex than the day cream from the same range.

I have used the night cream from the same YouthRx range before and it worked so well for me, which is why I purchased this serum too. But sadly to say, this serum didn’t work for me. It irritated my skin and I got rashes and tiny bumps all over my face. I think maybe because my skin is allergic to the ingredient ginger. And since this is present in high concentration here than the night cream, my skin reacted to it.

I did notice some anti aging effects though. Like it gave an instant firming effect. Also, I have read many good reviews of this serum online. So I think it is just my skin that is allergic to some ingredient in this. If you have very sensitive skin, I would suggest you to do a patch test first. If you are already allergic to ginger, I would recommend you to skip this serum as this contains it in high concentrations.




Comparison with Just Herbs Beauty Elixir Serum and Votre Face Serum

Now for the most awaited comparison between the three serums!
Ingredients – All of them are natural products, though Lotus Herbals doesn’t list complete ingredients list. Ingredients wise, I would say Just Herbs is best.
Packaging – Votre comes in a glass bottle with dropper which is not travel-friendly. Just Herbs and Lotus Herbals pump packaging are better for travel.
Performance – Just Herbs and Votre both worked equally good for me. Lotus Herbals didn’t work for my skin type.
Price: Lotus Herbals is the affordable one out of the three. Votre is the most expensive.
Considering all the above factors, my vote goes for Just Herbs Beauty Elixir Serum.

Does it satisfy all its claims?

It didn’t work for me.

What I like?

* Lightweight and easily absorbed.
* Firms skin.
* Travel-friendly pump packaging.

What I don’t like?

* Caused irritation and rashes on my skin.

Would I recommend?

It didn’t work for me. If you have sensitive skin, skip it. But if you are not allergic to ginger, it might work for you.

Would I repurchase?


Value for money?

Yes. Price point is reasonable compared to other anti-aging serums.

Availability: You can buy online at a discounted price from here or here

IBeautySpy Rating: 3.8/5

Lotus Herbals YouthRx Youth Activating Serum + Creme didn’t work for my skin type. But I have read many positive reviews of this online. So it might work for your skin type. Or might not. Better to be on the safer side.

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  1. Zeba Noor

    Nice review as always dear… I’m so sorry that it did not work for you ????

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Zeba 🙂

  2. Snehal

    I wanted to know how’s this one. Thanks for the review! Will skip this! ????

  3. khadija beauty

    Omg thank you for the honest review. I will not try this

  4. Anita Singh

    Maine aaj tak jitna bhi serum use kiya usme sabse accha result mujhy Biotique serum ka mila
    Thanks for honest review ????????

  5. nitika

    it didn’t work for me also 🙁

    1. admin (Post author)

      I think we have same skin type 😀

  6. Sonali

    I have used this serum and it worked well for my skin.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Oh..good! I too read many good reviews of this online. Just didn’t work for me 🙁

  7. Sangeeta

    Irritation and rashes – yikes. That is very bad.

  8. Niharika

    That votre face serum got me face full of acne… I was very disappointed

    1. admin (Post author)

      Oh..really! Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you 🙁

  9. Roshni Gokani

    I was planning to get this. I dont have sensitive skin but I guess I will have to give a second thought now. Thanks for the honest review.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, me too used the face pack and loved it 🙂

  10. Anubhuti

    I loved just herbs more than votre and this one I have not used…Loved the review with comparison 🙂

    1. admin (Post author)

      Yes, I too love Just Herbs more than the Votre one…

  11. Kashifah Shaikh

    Loved the comparison! ❤ I wish this worked for you…


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