Reverie Box October Launch Box – Unboxing & Review

I know am the last person to post this review of Reverie Box. But as I said, better late than never. To those who are not yet aware of Reverie Box, it is a monthly beauty subscription box that contains only natural, organic beauty brands. It was launched just last month in October. As you know am very particular about using natural, organic products in my routine, I was quite excited to try it out and ordered it.


About Reverie Box:

“BEAUTY IS BOLD. BEAUTY IS KIND. Beauty is self-expression and emotion, inner glow then outer glow”
ReverieBox was founded in 2016 with a mission of providing the safest and the highest of quality skincare to our favorite ladies. To us, that means NO animal testing, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, and so much more. Our team of beauty experts are passionate for everything related to the world of cosmetics, beauty, skin and health care. Our beauty selections are carefully chosen through our Inspired Curation process. Helping you discover your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal,
We hold ourselves to high standards of skincare, so that you can call us your leading resource for cruelty free and safe beauty products. When you join REVERIEBOX, you are joining a community and movement of skincare, awareness and discovery.Our Brands rely on Safe ‘Powerful Ingredients’ to deliver results without Skin-and planet-harming ‘Villain Ingredients’. You are contributing to the nature in a positive way. You are supporting companies that are both conscious and of pure quality.
Here’s a toast to you—For being bold and being kind!!



IBeautySpy spies:

When I got my parcel from the courier and opened it and saw the box, I was quite excited already. The box was really pretty and a namecard with my name written on it in fancy fonts and was tied with a beautiful thread. Full points goes for this gorgeous packaging.

When I opened the box, there was a beautiful scroll like a parchment paper detailing the products in the box. What made it pretty was that it was little burnt to give a magical antique scroll effect. I loved how they have paid detail to every little thing.

Let’s see what all products I got in their October Launch Box.


Bon Organic Wild & Creamy Rose Body Wash:
I have tried a sample of this before and liked it. I love rose fragrances and this is a creamy body wash which is aptly suitable for this winters. The body wash is handmade and free from parabens and sulphates.
Price: Rs.326 for 200ml.

Roots Magique Mud Pure Clarifying Face Mask:
This is a new brand that am getting introduced to. The face mask is made with 100% natural, organic ingredients and comes in a powder form. I am quite excited to try this face mask.
Price: Rs.450 for 30g.

Vana Vidhi Thai Lemongrass Foot Scrub:
Vana Vidhi has been on my wishlist for a long time. And thanks to Reverie Box, I got to try their products. The foot scrub smells really refreshing.
Price: Rs.699 for 50g.

Saint Pure Thai Lemon Foot Cream:
The packaging seems very similar to Vana Vidhi and for a moment I thought it was the same brand. But it is mentioned Saint Pure and am confused maybe they are partner brands. A foot cream is definitely needed for this winters and am happy to get this luxurious spa foot cream. The foot cream along with the foot scrub will make for a perfect pedicure session.
Price: Rs.699 for 50g

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Facial Scrub:
This too has been on my wishlist for a long time and am happy to receive it. It has a nice rose fragrance and has almond powder for exfoliation.
Price: Rs.275 for 40g.

Soap Square French Lavender with Shea Butter Soap:
I love buying handmade soaps and soap sponges online. Soap Square is a brand that I have been dying to try. Though its just 25g, its a great addition to the box.
Price: Rs.88 for 25g.

Jasmine Scented Candle

Total value of the box: Rs.2537
Actual price of the box: Rs.1499

As you can see, the box is great value for money. And all are full-sized products as well. I totally enjoyed the box and got to try various new brands. If you are someone who is very particular about using natural and organic products like me or if you are just starting out on a natural skin care regimen and wish to try out some brands, then this is definitely for you.

Not only I loved their box, but their customer support is great as well. If you see in the pictures, you would have noticed the Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Facial Scrub missing. When I received the box, I noticed it was missing and contacted them. They immediately took into concern and shipped the missing product for me.

I would definitely recommend Reverie Box to everyone. It is also a great gift that you can gift to your loved ones. Book your Reverie Box here.


  1. Sonali

    Wow nice contents ????

  2. Natural Beauty And Makeup

    Wow, this box seems amazing! Lovely contents you have received 🙂
    Much love <3

  3. Sangeeta Govindan

    I’ve got to try this box. The products you have received look totally amazing.

  4. Vaishnavi Venkatesh

    OMG! I am ordering this box right away.. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  5. Ms Meehnia

    Lovely products you got there 🙂

  6. Kashifah Shaikh

    Lovely products yr…

  7. Bhawna D.

    I loved the fact that all products have decent amount of content so you get the best for the money you pay 🙂 loved the review <3

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Bhawna 🙂 Yes, Reverie Box is great value for money.

  8. rashmi sharma

    No dear you are not the last one. Just posted my unboxing 😛

    1. admin (Post author)


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