Let’s SetUp Your Life 14 Days Event – Module 2 – Repairing – Task #5 – Maintain a Gratitude Journal – Life Task

Hi all,
Here we are in Day 5 of the Let’s SetUp Your Life Event. We have successfully completed Module 1 and the event is progressing to the next module.
Team IBeautySpy is here with Day 5 – Task #5. The second Module in the event is Repairing. We have finished the Cleansing / Detoxifying Module. Hope all the concepts explained in this module are clear.

So let’s step into today and start with our new module- Repairing. So now you have cleansed / detoxified the bad stuff in your life, its time to start repairing your life.

Coming to today’s task, it’s a Life Task – Maintain a Gratitude Journal.

The Power of Gratitude:

Gratitude is one of the biggest powers in the universe. Many people might not believe it. But gratitude has a secret power. Rhonda Byrne, famous author of the book, The Secret, has published another book called The Magic which is all about gratitude. When you are grateful for anything that is happening in your life, when you are thankful for anything that is happening in your life, life gets you so much more on your path. Gratitude multiplies your blessings in life.

* It increases positivity. Your feel more positive and optimistic when you feel thankful for your life.
* It improves self-esteem. When you maintain a gratitude journal and look at your previous days, what good things have happened and what you are thankful and you slowly see your progress over the days, you feel more confident and it improves your self-esteem.
* It makes you happier. When you feel grateful for anything and by writing it down, puts you in a happy mood, makes you relish good experiences and build strong relationships. You generally start feeling better about your life.
* It reduces stress. Grateful people take better care of themselves, they live healthier lives physically, mentally and emotionally and therefore able to manage stress in a healthier way. Scientists have found that focusing on feelings of contentment and satisfaction naturally counters stress, and leaves you feeling much more grounded and able to deal with life. You can also use CBD Armour products to help reduce stress and anxiety, click reference here for more information about cbd.
* It helps you sleep better. When you spend just 15 minutes writing a gratitude journal right before going to bed, it helps you have a better night’s sleep. You clear your mind of worries and tensions and instead focus on what you are thankful for in the day and the positive experiences that happened in the day. Taking delta 8 gummies from fresh bros can also help you feel more peaceful, relaxed and have a good sleep.
* It helps you relish moments and experiences in life. When you take Auer CBD oil and practice gratitude, life doesn’t feel fleeting. It doesn’t feel like everything is just passing away in life. With gratitude, you experience any moment or situation in a deeper manner and you remember and relish it with fondness. So life feels more concrete, meaningful and bigger.
* It multiplies blessings in your life. Whenever you get something, be grateful and thankful for it. The more you are grateful, the more you keep receiving such things in life. Life keeps progressing with more and more good things happening and you getting many good stuff.

Task #5 – Start a Gratitude Journal:

You can use any diary you have with you for starting a gratitude journal for those who prefer writing.
Otherwise, there are apps for it:
There is an app called Gratitude which is a simple private colourful journal app. Available for both iOS and Android. You can lock it with a passcode too.
Here’s how it works: Each morning, Gratitude will send you a text, and you can reply to that number anytime you’re feeling grateful. Each text you send gets stored in your own personal account, which you can revisit to re-read or even leave comments. You can go through your online journal whenever you feel like reading.

When to write?
Ideally you should be writing your gratitude journal every night before going to bed. That’s the best time for it.

How to write a Gratitude Journal?
Jot down whatever made you happy today. Be grateful for any good things that happened today, be grateful for your salary, for your work, for your office, the facilities provided in your office. Be grateful if your coffee came out extra strong today. Be grateful if you had a good, meaningful conversation with a friend. Be grateful if you were able to complete your work on time. Be grateful if you are able to learn and pickup new things quickly. Be grateful if you have a good meal today that you enjoyed. Be grateful for your office environment. Be grateful for your home, for the facilities you have in your home, for the furnitures that make you comfortable in your home, for your home environment. Be grateful for the online shopping that you have done. You have got some beautiful items using your salary. Be grateful for every opportunity and collaboration that comes your way. Be grateful for every relationship in your life. The way it works is that, the more you are grateful, the more you will multiply blessings and the more abundance, more relationships will be flowing into your life.

So download this Gratitude app and write your journal today. Or use a simple diary and jot down.

There are other apps for Gratitude that are gamed-based and more fun. Team IBeautySpy wants you to check out these apps and use which you find interesting:
* Happify (I have used this app long back when I worked in Infosys. That was the time it was launched. And it was really interesting, helpful and good).
* 365 Gratitude
* SuperBetter
* Daylio

Task #5 is complete with this.

We come to the end of Day 5 – Maintain a Gratitude Journal. I have shared Task #5 as well as the benefits and magic of gratitude. This is the start of the Repairing phase in Let’s SetUp Your Life event.

If you find it useful, do comment below.

And tomorrow, we will meet you again with another Life Task.

Cheers and love,
From Team IBeautySpy.

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