Let’s SetUp Your Life 14 Days Event – Module 1 – Cleansing & Detoxifying – Task #4 – Hair Massage – Beauty Task

Hi all,
Hope you were able to complete Task #3. So here we are in Day 4 of the Let’s SetUp Your Life Event. Its a weekend, so we have an activity apt for the weekend.
Team IBeautySpy is here with Day 4 – Task #4. We are still in Module 1 – Cleansing & Detoxifying.



Before we step in, Team IBeautySpy would to like to say that whatever we are sharing here in this event are all from our own personal experiences. We are sharing whatever has worked for us in these years. These are not tips just taken from online and passed here. I have tried many face packs since I ventured into skincare and found which ingredients show effects on skin brightening, lightening, pigmentation and deep cleansing pores. Also when I use certain face packs, I have got comments from others like ‘Have you got a facial done? Your face looks glowing like anything’, ‘Your hands are shiny like anything. Do you use face pack on your hands too?’ (when I have used a bath oil), ‘Your hair looks like you have got a hair spa done’ (when I have applied certain hair serums), ‘Your skin looks so soft. Which moisturizer you use?’, ‘You are so fit and flexible. What do you eat?’. From such compliments, I have come to know which face packs, which oils, which products work the best, ‘coz apart from me feeling the difference, others also see the visible effects of it. So we are just sharing whatever have worked for us and showed results in this journey.

So coming to today’s task, it’s a Beauty Task – Hair Massage.

Why hair care?

Taking care of your hair is very important. Keeping your scalp and hair clean is important. When your scalp gets dirty, you get many problems like dandruff, louse (lice), nits and other scalp infections. And then you keep itching like anything all day. All these germs and microbes feed on the dirt in your hair. When your scalp is clean and well maintained, dandruff, louse and nits cannot stay on your hair as there is no food for them. Your scalp needs to be clean and fresh always. Also, hairfall and premature greying are common problems which can be addressed with proper hair care.

Two pennies about hair care:

There are two important points regarding hair care.
1) One is, keeping your scalp clean and pure.
2) Secondly, keeping your hair lengths hydrated and moisturized. Dry hair leads to frizz, tangles which eventually leads to hairfall. Dry hair is one of the most common reasons for hairfall. Dry hair is also brittle so breaks easily. And frizzy, tangled hair results in much hairfall.

Ingredients that matter:

Let’s talk about ingredients for hair care:
* Hair growth – Amla/gooseberry, fenugreek, onion juice, ginger juice, guava leaves juice, rosemary.
* Hair smoothening and conditioning – Argan oil, macadamia oil, grapeseed oil, pure virgin coconut oil,. shea butter, cocoa butter, hibiscus, rose, curd, coconut milk, milk, rice water, olive oil
* Dandruff / Scalp care – Neem, nettle, peppermint, tea tree
* Premature greying – Amla/gooseberry, hibiscus

Task #4 – Hair Massage

Step 1:   Take some hair oil and massage your scalp well with it. I would recommend using a herbal hair oil from natural, organic brands. I have reviewed some hair oils on my blog. You can check it out. Pour a generous amount of oil and massage your scalp slowly. Hair massage increases blood circulation in your scalp thus stimulating hair growth. Do the massage for around 20 mins. You can watch some Youtube videos / movies / serials while doing it. This will also relax and relieve your stress and tension. Tie your hair into a ponytail and leave it on overnight.

Step 2:   Tomorrow, wash your hair with shampoo. Make sure to use a conditioner after that. And finish the routine by applying a hair serum after shower. To keep your hair lengths hydrated,moisturized and healthy. For shampoo recommendations, check out my Insta stories highlight ‘Q&A’.

Task #4 is complete with these two steps.

Remember this:
* Shampoo – is for cleansing.
* Conditioner – is for hydration, detangling and smoothening hair. To avoid dryness.
* Hair Serum/Hair Mist – is for daily hydration, smoothening and daily styling hair. To avoid dryess.
* Hair Pack – is for hair growth and dandruff/scalp treatment.
* Hair Mask – is for deep conditioning and moisturizing hair. To get salon smoothness at home.
* Final Hair Rinse – is for hair growth and purifying scalp.

So with this, we come to the end of Day 4 – Hair Massage. I have shared Task #4 as well as some useful information regarding hair care.

If you find it useful, do comment below.

And tomorrow, we will meet you again with a Life Task.
P.S. Our Program Manager says this will be one of the most life changing tasks.

Cheers and love,
From Team IBeautySpy.

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