Let’s SetUp Your Life 14 Days Event – Module 1 – Cleansing & Detoxifying – Task #2 – Skin Cleansing / Detoxifying – Beauty Task

Team IBeautySpy is here with Day 2 – Task #2. We are still in Module 1 – Cleansing & Detoxifying.

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So today’s task is a Beauty Task – Skin Cleansing & Detoxifying.

Why Skin Cleansing & Detoxifying?

Keeping your skin and body clean is of utmost importance for physical health. When our skin/body is not clean, germs and microbes breed on us and we tend to get infections, allergies, sickness and everything else possible. So daily cleansing and maintaining hygiene is important to keep yourself healthy and good. Detoxifying is like a deep cleanse for your system. Once the bad is out of your system, then your body will be ready to receive the good. Read the hydrafacial benefits and more information on this article.

Have you ever wondered why simple things like rose water, aloe vera gel, creams, shampoos seems to work for everyone else, but doesn’t work for me? Reason being, your skin might be in a worser damaged condition. Which means you would need to use intensive repair toners, intensive repair moisturizers and intensive smoothening shampoos and then when your skin is repaired, you can move on to rose waters and aloe vera gels. Also applying moisturizers and hydrosols without using face packs doesn’t really work. Face packs deep cleanse and detoxify your skin. So then your skin will be ready to receive in the goodness of hydrosols and facial oils. Hope this concept is clear.

How to cleanse & detoxify?

1. Follow double cleansing.
2. Use a face wash meant for your skin type. If you have oily, acne prone skin, choose a face wash that is mentioned for oily, acne prone skin.
3. (Most important step) Use clay face packs atleast once a week. Twice is recommended.
4. Use deep cleansing shower gel or soap for showering daily.
5. Use body scrubs once a week.
6. Add rock salt to your bucket of water for bathing. Rock salt has the abiltity to ward off evil eyes and cleanse your aura.
6. Take any detoxifying health drink like amla juice, neem juice, karela juice, aloe vera juice daily on an empty stomach.There are many brands like Patanjali, Dabur, Apollo, Kapiva, Nutriorg, AVG. If you know any organic brands, you can take that.

Task #2 – Skin Cleansing & Detoxifying Ritual

Step 1:   Use a cleansing balm if you have. If not, skip to next step. But Team IBeautySpy recommends getting a cleansing balm/cleansing oil once the Lockdown situation is over.
Massage the cleansing balm/cleansing oil slowly on your face. Leave it for around 10 minutes while you do some other chores, make sure you use clinical grade skincare brands to make sure that you will give your skin all the benefits of this type of products.

Step 2:   Wash your face using a deep cleansing face wash. Massage the face wash well on your face to remove the cleansing balm completely.

Step 3:   Apply a detoxifying face pack. You can use any readymade face pack you have or Team IBeautySpy has come up with a DIY which you can try. Details of the DIY face pack are below in next section. Leave it on for 20 mins and then wash off. During this 20 mins, you can listen to some music, watch some YouTube videos, fold up your laundry, make yourself some coffee or toast, put rice in the cooker or finish some phone calls you have for the day. I usually utilize this time to talk to my mom and message my sister.

Step 4:   Use a body scrub you have or the same DIY as a body mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off.

Step 5:   Spray some hydrosol on your face and seal in the goodness with a facial oil or moisturizer.

Step 6:   Apply some bath oil on your body. If you don’t have one, you can use coconut oil for now. But Team IBeautySpy recommends getting a good bath oil after the Lockdown period is over.

The Task #2 is complete with this! Pat yourself on the back for the good and hard work you have done. You will feel clean, good and hygienic at the end of this activity.

Team IBeautySpy DIY Face Pack & Body Scrub Recipe:

* Chickpea flour / Besan flour – 5 spoons
* Clay (any clay you have – white/kaolin clay, pink clay, bentonite clay or multani mitti) – 2 spoons
* Turmeric powder / Kasthuri Manjal – 1 spoon
* Salt – 1 spoon
* Oats powder – 2 spoons
* Coffee powder – 1 spoon

Below are optional and if you have these, you should add. They are highly beneficial for detoxifying:

* Neem leaves powder – 1 spoon
* Rose petals powder – 2 spoons
* Orange peel powder – 2 spoons

Take a bowl and mix all these powders in mentioned quantities.

What medium to mix in?
* Easily available option which works wonders – Curd.
* If you have oily skin – Use buttermilk.
* If you have dry skin – Use milk.
Choose one from the above
Lemon juice – 1 spoon. (Use lemon juice only once a week in your routine).

What else liquids to add?
* Green tea – helps in cleansing, detoxifying and anti-aging. Use organic green tea preferably. We will share a list of good organic teas that we have tried in another blog post.

* Orange juice – its rich in vitamin C and helps in skin brightening. Try Orangina, a well-known brand in the sparkling drinks industry.

* Any fruit juice or vegetable juice. Amla / Gooseberry juice helps in brightening and dark spots too.

* Flowers juice/decotion.

* Coffee decotion / tea decotion.

* Neem juice (for purifying skin).

Team IBeautySpy DIY All-In-One Cleansing Powder Recipe (cleanses, detoxifies, purifies, moisturizes and brightens):

I would like to share with you a cleansing powder recipe that I have tried while living in PG. This cleansing powder is made from easily available ingredients and you can make a batch of it and store in a jar which lasts for around 1 month. I just take 1 spoon of this daily and wash my face with it. And also use it for my shower. This is an all-in-1 cleansing, detoxifying, purifying, moisturizing and brightening cleanser. Here is the recipe and measurements for this cleansing powder:

* Orange peel powder – 10 parts
* Rose petals powder – 7 parts
* Chickpea flour / Besan flour – 3 parts
* Oats flour – 3 parts
* Neem leaves powder – 4 parts
* Hibiscus petals powder – 5 parts
* Coffee powder – 3 parts
* Turmeric powder – 1 part
* Milk powder (since its difficult to get milk in PG as many might not have fridge facilities) – 5 parts

The ratio for the above ingredients in order is 10:7:3:3:4:5:3:1:5.

Meaning if you take 10 spoons of orange peel powder, take 7 spoons of rose petals powder, 3 spoons of chickpea flour, etc. Depending on how much quantity you are planning to make. Mix all this powders well and transfer to a jar.

Store this jar in a clean and dry place or if you have fridge, keep inside.

So with this, we come to the end of Day 2. I have shared Task #2 as well as some useful information regarding skin/body cleansing and detoxifying. The newsletters for assignment 2 will be sent out soon for those who have signed up. If you haven’t still signed up, go to the Blog Announcement post and sign up there.

If you find this useful, do comment below.

And tomorrow, we will meet you with a Diet Task.

Cheers and love,
From Team IBeautySpy.

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    Nice tips, I use scrub once or twice a week, weekends are facepack day 🙂
    Deep cleansing of skin makes feel fresh and rejuvenated.


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