Let’s SetUp Your Life 14 Days Event – Module 1 – Cleansing & Detoxifying – Task #1 – Meditate, Deep Breathe and Pray – Life Task

Team IBeautySpy extends great pleasure in welcoming you to this online event Let’s SetUp Your Life.
Today is Day 1 of the event.

There are 3 modules in this event:
Module 1 – Cleansing & Detoxifying
Module 2 – Repairing
Module 3 – Rebuilding

Each day has a task/assignment/activity. We classify tasks into Life tasks, Beauty tasks, Diet tasks, Health tasks and Fitness tasks.

Task #1 is a Life task – Meditate, Deep Breathe and Pray





In the current pandemic situation, the first thing we need to focus on is Meditate. Maybe that’s the only thing we can do.

Many people don’t know or don’t understand or underestimate the power of meditation. Many would give importance to physical exercise but not meditation. Wrong!

Meditation > Physical Exercise

A strong mind actually leads to a strong physique. Imagine going to a gym and running on a treadmill and thinking/worrying about your problems. Running on a treadmill can help you lose weight, not solve your life problems. Now, meditation helps solve life problems because it brings clarity in your mind and vision. Solve your life problems and your body weight will dramatically reduce. Its like all the burdens in life have been relieved. So next time you run on a treadmill, observe what you are thinking/worrying. People run on a treadmill and often feel life is like a treadmill too.

Why life is like a treadmill for many?

Because you have been doing the same routine for years and years, been thinking in the same patterns for years and years, been talking in the same manner for years and years. The world changes continuously. You need to change along with the world. There are lot of changes happening in the world – new technology, new apps, new products, new fashion, new books, new ideas, new theories, new food, new lifestyle. When you follow the same old routine for years and years, life feels like a treadmill. People eat the same food day in and day out when Swiggy has so many varieties of food and online cooking blogs have thousands of variety recipes to try out. Keep changing your routine often so life feels afresh and new. And change your way of looking at the world. What you experience depends on what lens you are wearing. If you wear a treadmill lens, life looks and feels like a running machine. Change it to a nice ice creams lens or a teddy bears lens. It is difficult when you are going through painful periods in your life. But meditation and prayer helps in that aspect.

Meditation has many benefits:

* Meditation calms the mind, heart and soul. Very needed in current situation.
* Meditation helps with physical ailments like anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, tensions, fears, headaches, ulcers, insomnia or sleeplessness, joint problems.
* Meditation improves mood and behavior.
* It increases your energy level as you gain an inner source of energy.
* Meditation increases happiness, creativity, emotional stability.
* You gain clarity which helps you solve problems in life.
* Meditation sharpens the mind as well as brings peace of mind. Brilliant, isn’t it?
* A strong mind and more mental strength eventually translates to good physical health as well.
* Meditation can keep you fit and lose weight as well.
* And most importantly, meditation brings about magic in your life!

How To Meditate:

Close your eyes and calm your mind slowly silencing it. Relax your body and mind. You might observe some thoughts coming into your mind now and then. Just observe them and slowly silence/calm them.
In the initial stages of practicing meditation,you will be thinking many thoughts. As you keep practicing meditation daily, the frequency of occurrence of thoughts will reduce. Don’t worry about thoughts coming. You just have to observe them and silence/calm them.
Time period: You can start with 2 minutes time period initially. Then increase to 5 minutes. Then 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes.
Frequency: Daily
When: Morning or after lunch or evening after chai/coffee or night before sleeping
While practicing meditation, frequency is more important than time period. Meaning, doing meditation daily for less time is so much better than doing meditation once in a week for a long period of time.

Doing meditation for 5 minutes everyday > Doing meditation for 20 minutes once a week

When you meditate daily, you can literally experience magic happening in your life. Slowly, bring meditativeness in your life. While doing work, while talking, while doing any task. You will start experiencing a meditative calmness in all areas of your life. When I was working in my former company Zerodha, that was the time I started learning and practicing meditation. And now it has become my way of life.

Apps for Meditation:

There are some apps for meditation which I have used –
* Headspace
* Calm
* The Mindfulness App
* Insight Timer
Use only the free versions. No need to go for paid ones.

Deep Breathing:

Practice deep breathing 4-5 times a day. Deep breathing brings in more oxygen to the mind, so bringing more stability, clarity and grounding.
Refer the below link for how to deep breathe:


Finally, during these pandemic times, prayer is very important. Prayer does not mean going to the temple and idol worship. There are people who go to temple, look at the idol and think of something else in their mind. Prayer is a direct conversation with God. And it begins with the strong belief that God exists and God knows all, sees all, is all powerful and is present everywhere. God knows what you are thinking/doing every moment. He knows all your past. Every night, before going to bed, pray to God. Pray your problems and concerns to Krishnar asking for help, guidance and support. Say to Krishnar what you are grateful for today and what you want tomorrow. Surrender to God. Krishnar never fails those who have fallen on Him. And that is the universal truth. It is true, not just now, but has been for centuries. Krishnar protects you and leads you out of problems in life.

There ends Task #1 – Life task. Meditate, Deep Breathe and Pray.

Please complete this task and comment below.

Your next task which is a beauty task will be sent tomorrow.

From Team IBeautySpy.

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