5 Must-Have Makeup Bag Items

Every beauty savvy girl knows that having a well-stocked makeup bag is key to being glam at all times. Packing your bag with the right items makes all of the difference in being able to transform your look in an instant, without lugging around every single piece of makeup you own. With so many beauty products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones you need.

These five makeup bag essentials will help you to not only achieve the look you want, but stay fresh while you’re out and about.

1. Foundation

Foundation is the base of your look, and will give your skin a smooth finish. Powder foundation will give you light coverage and application is quick because you can simply dust on a little and go. You may need to touch up throughout the day, however, so if powder foundation is your preference, definitely keep it in your makeup bag.
Liquid foundation, on the other hand, provides better coverage which lasts longer so you may not need to keep it in your bag but it won’t hurt!

2. Concealer

Concealer can be a lifesaver when it comes to creating your ideal look. Concealer can hide dark spots, pimples, scars and other blemishes help to even out your skin tone before applying your foundation. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for your day to day concealer, however. You can find plenty of drugstore concealers that will do great at masking your imperfections and helping to smooth out your look. You can visit the following link to find the best make up kits to give yourself a flawless look – https://healthytop10s.com/best-airbrush-makeup/.

3. Eyeliner

Eyeliner makes your eyes pop. The right eyeliner can give you subtle enhancement for your daytime look, or a dramatic cat eye for your glam face. Lining your lids makes your eyes look larger and more youthful.
The sharper the pencil, the thinner the line, so it helps to have a few eyeliners of varying thickness in order to achieve the look you want. You don’t have to spend a lot to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to eyeliner.

4. Mascara

Instead of applying mascara you can take this lash lift training and make them look as if they were always make up.

No face is complete without a tube of mascara to create long, lush lashes. The most dramatic mascara will give you a long lash that will allow you to skip your false eyelash application. A thinner mascara will give you a finished daytime look that enhances your eyes and gives a youthful appearance.

If you are planning to add Lash Fills, you can skip the mascara because it may damage the lashes.

With eyelash extension you’ll have beautiful lashes right when you wake up. The most frequently asked question by lash lovers during eyelash extension application is “what is the difference between classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume lash extensions?”

5. Lip Color

There are endless possibilities when it comes to giving your lips a makeover. The lips are the easiest change to make in order to drastically improve our look, and is the only thing most women touch when going for an absolute minimalist look. You can never go wrong with a nice, red lipstick so you should definitely keep one on hand.
Lip gloss will give you a light coverage, perfect for your daytime look, while a matte lipstick looks great with a cat eye and lush lashes. For a more natural look, go for a nude color and add a bit of gloss to make it pop.

When you’re looking to cover up your imperfections, look glam, or both, having the essentials is key. And though extra elements like eyeshadow, blush and glitter can really help you to customize your look, these 5 things are usually all you need to not only create a multitude of looks, but to maintain and touch up throughout the day.

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